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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Rain - Rhapsody

I love Rains, yet another wave of feelings which engulfs me every time I enjoy the rain.Trying to pen down the same ---

Pitter patter of raindrops I hear,
a music to my ears.
A nice fat book, a cup of hot coffee and a comfortable blanky to snuggle in,
and hide away from all the din.
The fresh green trees all around,
make me forget all the concrete mounds.
The smell of wet earth,
makes me coo like the Koyal that - yes I  belong to this hearth.
Looking at the rain,
everything else appears but vain.
The parch barren land of summer,
transforms to a fertile sublime green oasis with the speed of a bummer.
Thus Life is transformed
and adorned.
Natures melody - The Rain - Rhapsody,
inspires me to be ready.
Something to match the mood of the poem ..

top - lifestyle
black cardigan  -splash
bag- nike
shoes- bata rainwear
scarf- Dubai



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