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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tanishq Mia Women

I was doing my usual evening routine writing, checking my mails,  preparing some evening snacks, while cleaning the whole morning mess, the TV was going on in the background.
When suddenly a new add caught my attention. I glued in to watch it completely- A young hard working efficient women smartly dressed wearing pretty dangler earrings getting ready for her presentation. Her female boss (older than her) enters the scene, watches her get ready and subtly tells her to lose her earrings so as to keep the clients focused only on the presentation. The girl gives it a thought and re wore her earrings and delivered the presentation with √©lan telling her boss later not to worry as the presentation is better looking than the earrings.
This add was by Tanishq for their new line of jewelry Mia targeted at todays young working women. The voice at the end of the add says, ‘As beautiful as your work’.


After watching this add I sat on my couch forgetting all my multi tasking and the post that I was writing. I got lost, lost in my own web of thoughts.
Who does this Mia women symbolizes? Who is my Mia?
The answer was instant- I so related it with myself, with the present generation of us women. My Mia is today's woman be it working or a home maker.
In this fast paced life, today's woman is a multitasker, we manage work, home, children, parents social life, herself, family, life with equal aplomb. We take pride in our work and our life is a constant work in progress. We wont be judged by the shackles of society. We are not burdened with the weight of being picture perfect dolled up beauties waiting to be taken care of. We Pamper our self. We let our work our values our ethics speak for us. We love each thing that we do in life, be it driving the car, taking care of our finances, investing money, cooking sumptuous food, taking care of the family, being fit, travelling, managing our venture, home, being our best at work, fixing things. Yes! we do it all our self. And we do it well. Our life is a beautiful rainbow of colors. We love it, worship it and want to perfect it. We our beautiful, we don't need flashy heavy jewelry to obstruct us from our goals but to add to our mystique. What we want is something simple, light but pretty, not flashy yet feminine, something charming, something on the go. Something Mia because We are the woman of substance. We are Mia.




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