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Friday, June 29, 2012

Football game date--- -- Euro

Whether you’re trying to win the heart of a new crush or are looking for something fun to do with your spouse and keep the spark alive, this will give you brownie points every single time.

Lets agree to the fact,, that we are with guys, and the brain of a man doesnt emmit romantic neurons ,, lol as much as that of a woman ..

There are times when your guy gets on his sporty side and wants to do nothing other than sports,,, ( which happens lot of times with almost all the guys )

I have learned to take it in my stride and make hay while the sun shines(well for me its easier as i myself am sports person ;p)

Its the Football season with EURO looming in large portions in our man's life, so it will be injustice to every man, every woman as well as football if we dont take it in account... ;p

Football games make awesome dates. Filled with excitement, adrenaline, conversation and yesss ROMANCE... .

They suit each pocket,,, awesome aint it, the guys love it, football games are great conversation makers as every minute is filled with action and you can keep talking to your guy/girl.
They love their girl for sharing their love(football),,, yess believe me they do ,,,

  • You can take your girl to a big leagues or clubs match, where she will enjoy the game and see your favorite stars..( depending on how well you know each other,, as these games will last for a couple of hours)
  • you can also take her to the neighbourhood football game or a small club match or even the park game.
  • Get down and dirty:p and indulge in some sweaty romance with your spouse and friends in an actual outdoor game of football where you just dont watch but play...
  • You can also drop in your favorite restaurant,sports bar or lounge to watch the screening of the football match and have dinner as well.
  • Or even better surprise your man by making it a fun date at home with finger food and either just the two of you or invite your other couple friends for the game.Tada.... Recipe for a Happy evening... :)

Football game food ---- finger food
popcorn, beer , hot dogs, burgers, rolls, colas, ....... and sooo on ...

What to wear ---

what to wear for football game date

what to wear on a football game date... .

Shorts, tees, flats, jumpers, rompers, casual dress, depending on the venue and time,,, but dont dress over the top girly,, add a hint of sporty or casual to your attire ..

How did i have my football game date ..

well,,, my hubby is a big fan of football...
so,, i made his favorite kathi kebab rolls ,, and we had a midnight snack watching the game just both of us and cuddling together...

For the semi final ... the exciting ,,, Italy vs Germany,, i invited our couple friends ,, i had ordered pizza ,, and we had a great time ....

Who said Football season is not good for girls ,,, take a peek and have fun with all the ideas here ,,,,

and make it a memorable season..


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Recipe for -----------------------



make a roti of all purpose flour ,,,

For the filling
Boneless Chicken pieces  marinated in ginger garlic paste and red chilly powder and salt according to your taste
onion finely sliced in length


in a pressure cooker , cook the marinated chicken with some ghee, and little bit of water for 7 mins approx

Then in a pan , add oil and sautee the sliced onion with some ginger garlic paste and red chilly powder, tandoori chicken masala
add the pressure cooked chicken and fry until its dry

for the chutney

grind together coriander, mint leaves and green chillies with a bit of water to make a smooth paste

Final assembly

on a pan ,,, add some oil and put the maida roti, break an egg and scramble it on the roti,.. let it cook for two min.
turn the roti with the egg

place it on a plate, put some chicken preparation on it, top it with a sponfull of chutney and some freshly cut thinly sliced onion,, roll it up ,, tadaaaa !!!

hot Chicken kathi kebab ready ,,

You can make this and keep it in the refrigerator, serve it whenever you want ,,, just warm it up in the microwave before serving for one minute .

Hope you liked it ..

Do comment and let me know ,,, it means a lot to me ...



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