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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dreamy eyed ....

Its been 6 months now,,, but it still has not sink in,,, soo many times i still feel that I am  living a dream ,, soo dreamy eyed,, i feel lost sometime in my own castle with my prince charming ,,, blush blush ,,, i have to pinch and tell myself that yes Iam married ,,, i am a tomboy by nature ,, so dont dress up everyday with all bridal finery or traditional bridal wear ( dont mind the new bride and all that ,,, lol) but sometimes once in a while i do get the urge to behave and dress like a newly wed ,,, ( dont think there is anything wrong with me ,,, lol ,,, i am just not the dressing up types,,, i like my laid back look and attitude )so this is one of those times ,,, i stand in front of the mirror four hours and adore myself as a wife to my sweetest husband ,... blush blush ... lol

silk mix saree
glass green bangles
gold bangles - tode
ruby ring
necklace - heirlooms and traditional, thusi
nosepin- maharashtrian nath
earrings- jhumkas
shoes- open toed golden sandals catwalk


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