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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Vacation- master the art of smart stylish packing


 hello everybody ,,,

Does this happen to you,,, when your head feels like its gonna burst with the number of thoughts in it, i feel that feeling most of the time,,, like soooo many things in head going on and don't know which one to concentrate , what to do , which one to listen to, and then exactly have to write down the creative stuff out to get my head a little lighter and little less chaotic,,, lol

So writing about one such thing going in my head ,where do i start,,, anxious to get it all out and words just seem to be jumping out everywhere without making any sense.... hmmmm ,,, pause ,,,, a little break .........


The summer is almost over and many of us have been on our yearly vacations, travels, stays and many of us are still going.
Its the most exciting thing of the year, going on laid back summer trips, but the most horrifying time consuming and tiring of it all is PACKING for the trip.
For me its like a battle with my closet, to put it all in my bag, which at the end returns with more than half the stuff not used and hubby screaming for the sheer weight and space taken by my luggage alone,,, lol ,, oopsy,, naughty smile.. after all girls will never change,, will they, in the quest to have everything with you when you are travelling, its just comforting that you wont fall short of anything when you require something out of the blue. Well but the question remains,, toooo much or to less, i think the answer is smart packing, which in itself is an art i am yet to master.
May be just may be (teeny tiny possibility) by sharing with you guys my thoughts and the art of packing i would get the courage to implement it next time. (hopefully.. eyes rolling )

Seriously light packing is essential for comfort sake , for air travel luggage rules sake, for safety sake. So what the hell we girls can definitely pack smart if not light ;p (cheating is allowed)

First of all lets start with the checklist so it gives us boundary plus surety that we have counted everything in.
We should always make a checklist, so that we have an idea what to pack and we wont go overboard,
to each his own, i am sharing my rough checklist, you please go ahead and subtract or add according to your comfort and fashion and also DESTINATION.

dressy jacket
2-4 shirts/blouses/tops
2 pairs trousers/skirts (shorts?)---- i will go with shorts,, i am a shorts lover but do keep one trouser/jegging/denim/legging you never know
3+ pairs socks if you sporty
3+ pairs undergarments minimum
long (lightweight) underwear
dark (cardigan) sweater
rain wear (umbrella?)
parka, coat, or equivalent
long T-shirt or sarong (nightclothes?) kaftan,
necktie, scarf, shawl, hairband, bandanna
gloves / mittens
sun hat / knitted cap, hat clip
1 pair dressy shoes (laces?)
1 pair walking shoes/boots (laces?)
flip-flops or sandals

travel essentials
  • Mix and match is the key here ... dress up or down any outfit according to the occasion .
  • carry bikini or a costume depending on your preference and the destination ...
  •  Destination and Preference both being the key words here.

  • summer dress for the cheery mornings or dress it up for romantic evenings
  • mix and match the tankinis with the denims shorts and the jacket (very handy) ( i personally recommend the jacket)
  • kaftan a perfect cover up for your day at the beach
  • the flowy spaghetti top for those breezy nights again you can pair up the jacket with it.
  • the key point accessorize it right to dress it up or down .

travel bags
  • convenient to keep all your travelling Nick knacks and comfortable to carry these are our BFF while travelling.

travel essentials
  • earthy shades so that they match with most of the outfits, and thus one doesn't have to take many pairs to match each outfit.
  • comfort is of utmost importance to me while on vacation or travelling

travel essentials
  • pair up these accessories to achieve fab and different looks while vacationing....
soooo .... shall we pack our bags and head for a short vacation just to try our newly acquired art of smart packing,,, ;p    tadaaaa

we are intelligent,,, ain't we ,,, share your tricks of smart packing ...




  1. Totally loved the post....I am now following ur blog hope u can follow bck mine

  2. Thanks a lot Rumela, ofcourse, I am already your
    follower :),,, stay tuned in ,,,, i love your style ,,


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