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Monday, June 18, 2012

Pot it,,,,,,

The week crawls by slowly with daily chores and busy life,waiting for the much longed, deserved and eagerly awaited weekend. ....... And when the weekend comes it just flies by , bringing yet another week to drag by ,, till the sooo far next awaited weekend . So this weekend after sleeping in for the entire Saturday and lazying around the house in pyjamas and take aways, so on Sunday we decided to have a nice guys day ,, much to my hubby's liking , so my hubby my younger brother and me were all set to bring in the Sunday with some guy fun.(let me assure you being a tomboy and a guy at heart,, i love such guy times) So we went for an action flick followed by playing the game of pool for hours(i was in my hubby's team and needless to say we won 5- 1 ... lady luck you see ;p lol )
sad for my bro though,,, lol.. completed the evening by some mouth watering ribs, burgers , beers and chips,, (well i exactly dint eat all that.... anyway what the hell ).. what an awesome guy weekend... my hubby loved the gesture and will be more than willing to do and follow my plans for the next weekend .. so you see ladies ,, another trick to keep your hubby all beaming and happy.. lol

loose shirt top - splash
jeggings - zara
footwear- inc
neck piece- colaba
bag - lifestyle

How did you spend your weekend ????


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