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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Where Was I Lost ?

So as I promised to you guys over here, here I am keeping my promise. Letting you all on where I was lost for such a long time.
I was busy with following my heart and dream.
Well this is no secret that I love nature and  feel one with it, I am a complete nature's child  and always wanted to have a place in nature. I am so happy to introduce you guys to a part of my dream - Rockville A Lakeside Lounge.
A quaint place in the heart of nature just beside a lake serving some delicious comfort food whilst you get mesmerized by the sunset or are serenaded by the birds here or are just lost in a book in this wonderland. Time just runs here and I am glad I am living every moment of it. This is very special to me. Its still work in progress but I so wanted to share it with you guys.
You will find me most of the time over here lost in nature and busy hogging. Do come by and say a big hi to me, I would love it.

Check out the complete video of Rockville here.

And this is just a glimpse of Rockville .

Look Details 
Top - Splash 
Jeggings - Zara 
Inner -  stŕeet fashion Mumbai 
Belles - Monsoon ones from street fashion Pune.  Fc road 

Do Spread the Word guys 😊

You can follow Rockville on Instagram.
Rockville A Lakeside Lounge 
Bhugaon, next to jal shivar, near chonde lake, Pune, Maharashtra 412115 
📲+91 70306 30110


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  1. So you had a fabulous time there! The shots and videos are amazing.


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