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Saturday, April 23, 2016


We are always taught from childhood that we should be thankful and have gratitude. However it was not until very recently that I realised the power of gratitude.
By being grateful for things we receive, for our life, for happiness we invite more of it to our life. Gratitude is an attitude the more you have the more you receive. 
I have started beginning my day with gratitude and ending them on a note of gratitude and the joy it has brought, the contentment, the feeling of being so lucky of what I have. It has got a big change in my life. Whatever I like, whatever I am grateful for finds a way to me more and more. It's magical. All I am doing is just being thankful for this magic. Having gratitude from within, feeling it deep in my bones. It's amazing. 

Give it a try. Don't expect to try this with immediate miracles. You need to develop this habit and you really need to feel thankful, blessed and lucky and not just say it. 
I am sure you will immediately feel good and see the results in short time. 
This will definitely make your life more beautiful. 
Just start with saying a short gratitude prayer and ending your day with the same. Maintain a gratitude journal or just simply be thankful and feel it loud for the things in life. As they say - " A grateful heart is the magnet for miracles." 

On that note - this is something I wore twice in a week once for an event dinner and once with friends. Sometimes I am too lazy and just repeat the outfit depending on that its different set of people I am going with. Besides I love the colour of this top. Very comfortable and yet chic, now that's my style ;). 

The last few were in yellow light (gosh the difference light makes). 

Outfit Details 

Top - Max 
Denims - Zara 
Shoes - Inc 5 
Necklace - Pink Pvssy 
Clutch - Handmade ( exhibition ) 

I hope you liked this post, please do share your views with me. 

I am honestly so grateful that I have a platform to connect with you guys and share my thoughts with you. 🙏

Until we meet again ❤️
Stay Happy and Cheerful !! 


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