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Saturday, April 2, 2016

March Favorites 2016

The march heat hit us with a jolt and before we could get comfortable and say 'Hello March' t's already over. 

Just a few favorites and my March in little snippets and pictures. 

I love potpourri, fragrances, candles, wood, flowers and some soothing natural herbal tea. 
A perfect evening is an amalgamation of these senses. Here I am on such an evening enjoying my cup of cinnamon tea. Zen. Perfect! 

Summer is here and the love of flowers and the joy to be in the open grass and enjoy the greenery. Sadly it's very hot to even venture out during the day time. So here I am with my never ending love for nature. In the garden of my own mind- healing all my senses with my favorite hobby. Ever calming, ever favorite of mine. Paint like there is no tomorrow. Paint your heart out. The joy that it brings. 
Try it out. 

The love for floral designs over white bedspreads just soothes my senses in the hot months of summer.
A perfect summer day enjoying a nice read. If you wish to read the review of the book it's right here. Bhakti Diaries : The Monk who Sold his Ferrari

The days are so hot you crave for a liquid diet rather than food. But who could say no to a hot steaming plate of chicken momos with spicy chutney from the local Himalayan momos Cafe Milano. I just love this. So light yet so filling. Comfort food at its best and surprisingly not so unhealthy as well. 

Keeping myself hydrated with these infused concoctions. Infused water is super healthy, yummy and oh so hydrating. Best thing is it is so easy to make and super quick. I am having my dose of cucumber, mint, ginger and lime infused water. The health benefits of these drinks are so many to even count. For a list of these super drinks and their health benefits check out the post here -Bhakti Diaries : Summer Detox Drinks

No sooner than summer arrives it's time to greet the King of fruits and what better way than to welcome him at Falahaar with a tall glass of Mango blast. Sinful indulgence is this. Mango thick shake rather pulp with dollops of rich cream, smooth ice cream topped up with fresh cut mango. I am already in heaven. You must try it. 

I have a weak spot for a hot plate of creamy white pasta. I can gobble it any time and lick the plate clean as you all know by now. Every month there has to be one pasta favorite. This one is from cafe Milano. A veg Alfredo pasta which was super yummy and an absolute treat. Filled with veggies and mushrooms I can sheepishly say it was healthy too (grinning widely) . 

The love for Kolhapuris continue, this one is right from Kolhapur, the Mecca of magic for kolhapuris. A beautiful present and I sure loved it. Check out my nails cutely painted with summer colours. Totally summer ready feet. Ting !! 
I am wearing Colorama 29.

And just before March ended this baby arrived sitting snugly in the mail courtesy Paperboat. They sure know the way to a heart full of memories and just like that opened a bag full of sweet memories that will linger forever. I was transferred to the time when watching jungle book on Sunday was the biggest P.O.A ( plan of action ) and excitement mounted in every living room with TV blasting the tunes of jungle book on high volume. Cheering for Mowgli while gorging on Sunday breakfast. Sigh. Those simple things and simple happiness. Thanks Paper boat for giving me a peep into the innocent era gone by and rekindling old memories. Their timing couldn't be more perfect what with Mowgli the movie larger than ever coming up. 

How i love this song, Its coming in theaters on 8th of April people so be ready. yay ( a little jungle dance )

My Sunday is set with big plans of reading Jungle Book with yummy treats. 

So here did March end on a very happy note. 

How was March for you all ? Do let me know in the comments below. 

Until we meet next time. 

Stay happy and cheerful !


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