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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Inorbit Mall Encourages Women with Business Ideas.

Since time immemorial girls are taught to compromise and sacrifice for others. 
Times are changing and women emancipation, feminism are at the heart of today's world. Still we are pretty far from where we need to be. 
However women today are leaving no stone unturned to have their identity, they are Pursuing their dreams and keeping their art alive through unique ways not compromising on their family and loved ones at the same time. They are making the most of their situations and are surprising and out shining others at the same time. 
Many of us today are working from home, freelancing, running our own business from home and finding out unique ideas to keep going after our dreams. 
Inorbit Mall has lent a helping hand to all us women and come up with a -Inorbit Pink Power Initiative 

An initiative that’ll help women realise their dreams and rise as entrepreneurs. 
All one has to do is tell them about your business idea and if it's really good, Inorbit Mall will give it a platform by giving them a space for business across their malls also shortlisted candidates would get a chance to participate in retail space opportunities and Inorbit Mall Pink Power flea markets.
You can register yourself immediately out here and take your first step towards your dream. You can find all details regarding this at the link mentioned above. 
For all the men out there support the women in your life by gifting them this experience by enrolling their email ids on the link above. 
You can also get more information about this initiative on their Facebook page 

Hurry last date is 8th April 2016. 

What are you waiting for? Take a chance and make your own destiny.

Until next time.

Stay happy and cheerful!!



  1. yeah i had heard about this too

    1. Yeah, it's true and a nice opportunity, pass the word amongst your friends, last date being 8th April . Hope the best contender wins and boosts her business :))

  2. Replies
    1. I know right ,please do spread the word to those for who it might be useful :))


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