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Friday, March 25, 2016

Summer Detox Drinks

Summer has made its presence felt and we all are reaching out for fluids, mainly juices to keep ourselves hydrated and energised in this unbearable heat.
In the process we are mostly ignoring the calories the juices are loaded with, even the fresh fruit ones. We always thinks that fresh fruit juices are the healthiest but say bye bye to this myth and say Hello to Detox drinks or infused water.
These babies are the healthier options to juices which not only keep your body energised and hydrated with all the goodness of fruits but are also lesser in calories as the fruits are intact and you don't eat them (sugarless energy drinks). 
These drinks work on the gastrointestinal system to rid of toxins there by increasing the metabolism. The drinks are completely healthy and energising. 
They are rage with celebrities as well as health fanatics. The best thing is they are extremely easy to make. 
All you got to do is infuse water with citrus fruits/ berries/ spices/herbs/melons/fibre fruits on their own or in a combination for 3-4 hours or overnight. Keep sipping on this water and you are good to go with all the goodness with no added calories, sugar or any other unwanted thing. Healthy as a horse. 
The basic ingredient being water which is a major source of energy, helps to keep the heart healthy, good for skin, lubricates joints and reduces muscle fatigue. 
The infused fruits and ingredients further give the water their own properties and goodness. 
The detox drink thus works wonders for health- hydrates, keeps you in high spirits  and pleasant by helping the body release fat cells, boosts metabolism, helps liver and digestion as well as constipation. Thus this is the master of them all. 

Have a look at these easy detox drinks on the go and their goodness. 

Pic credits - Google 

Finally my detox drinks

Lime, Ginger, cucumber, mint 

Apple + cinnamon 

Infused water is just playing with the goodness you have in your kitchen. 

So get creative, make some healthy and yummy drinks without losing a sweat. 

You can take these magical potions to work or play. Be the coolest hostess and serve these babies at your next social gathering. 

Hope you enjoyed. 

Stay happy, cheerful and healthy. 

Until next time. 



  1. Useful information with some really cool snaps. Thanks for sharing.. :)

    1. Thanks :) do try them they are really effective and super easy to make ,,

  2. Wonderful post! These drinks are so super refreshing Bhakti. :)

    1. Thanks Jyotika , they are instant energisers and instant refreshers especially in this torrid heat.


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