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Friday, March 4, 2016

My Tattoo Tales

I did a post on Tattoos for beginners and tiny tattoos earlier Here .
Honestly it was just journaling tattoos that I personally like. I love small Tattoos and I have 4 of them. Yes, I do and many people keep asking me their significance and why have I got them. 
So I thought why not do a post on it to answer them all. 

My first tattoo was now my husbands name. Hehe. Significance, ours is a love story, we dated each other for 6 years before getting married. This was my stupid, young and foolish way of making sure my parents said yes. Lol. Sheepish grin. Quite a drama queen I am at that. It's amazing how we think in youth. Well Aquarians rebels, you can't blame me now. That's a different story waiting to be told altogether, one day indeed. 

That's my brother in the pic with the Shiva tattoo. We got tattooed together. 
It was my siblings birthday and my moms birthday as well as our anniversary. 
I decided to get two tattoos done which are close to my heart. 
One is a compass which has initials of my siblings and parents instead of the directions.A vagabond by heart, I am an explorer and want to go far and wide but wherever I go, I will always return back to them. They will always guide me throughout life. Let me tell you, it made a perfect gift for their birthdays ( my siblings are twins and as I said my mom's birthday shortly follows ) 

On another hand I got my husbands name till my last heartbeat. That's something again very very dear to me. It's love you till my last beat. That was on the eve of our anniversary. Needless to say I am a romantic at heart completely. 

This one is the final tattoo and the newest one at that. I love elephants. I just need to look at them and I am a goof ball surging with emotions and love. Growing up I always wanted an elephant as a pet. Ya, crazy girl I am. I am ardent believer of Lord Ganesh of which elephant is considered to be the symbol (elephant headed God ) 
So in short my tattoo signifies my crazy love for Lord Ganesh and the elephant.
The values that they behold - strength , loyalty, intellegicence, wisdom, wise, love, family, faithfulness, courage, strong willed. It motivates me and gives me strength. 

So here was my short story about my tiny tattoos. 

4 and counting ( you never know) 
Let me know your tattoo tale in the comments below. 

Until next time.


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