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Tuesday, January 5, 2016


A short instance and peek in my life from this week. 
It's a weekday, as usual hubby and me fighting for remote, he wins,snuggles up comfortably in the couch and puts a shittiest of movie. 
I don't understand men, there are myriad of channels, so many movies and telecasts and they always end up with the dumbest of movies. I still fail to understand the joy of laughing on the crappiest dialogues and enjoying lamest jokes, it's a complete torture and headache. Anyhow ..... I endured the movie for a long while which felt like eons before getting lost in one of my books when I couldn't take anymore of that non sense. 
After the movie was over we climb into bed and I suddenly remember a movie which we saw together and couldn't recollect the name ( very good director, good cast still dumbest movie ) and I ask my hubby dear for help. Here it comes - his reply goes like - "we have never seen such a movie, go to sleep ,, you just dreamt about it" I go furious and start searching like a mad woman , after searching our cd cabinet, googling for hours as I couldn't remember the director and the lead cast was new, bless the character who is such a good and senior actor, searched his biography and this happens till 4:30 am in the morning, yes people I do suffer from ocd,
I tell my hubby the name of the movie and that we saw it together and this is not something I dreamt up (which he was so stubbornly sure of ) and wickedly in my mind I am telling him I won. 
Hubby replies - "so this is what you do when I am not around watch shittiest of movies, no wonder"
Speechless .... 

On that note of my life, here's an outfit I wore with my girlfriend for an afternoon shopping and lunch. 

Outfit Details 

Top- Zara 
Jeggings - Zara 
Shoes - catwalk 
Ring and neckpiece - pink pvssy Bangkok 
Watch - Rado
Bag - gift from friend 

Until next time.



  1. what was the name of that movie? Besides, you can never win over husbands..they have an uncanny style to blow your fizz ;)

  2. It was Tere mere phere starring Vinay pathak ,, I completely agree ,, husbands do have their ways ;)) it's like in the end u can never win,, still it's worth everything ,, isn't it ;)


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