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Saturday, June 27, 2015


I have always been inspired by the Gulmohar tree. It always catches my eye no matter in what state am I, and surely gets a smile to my face even on the dreadliest days.
Numerous poems, paintings have been done for this beautiful creation. 
One of its many admirers, putting a little bit of my love for the Gulmohar through my creations. 

Standing tall amidst the daily din, 
Draped in brightest colours of sin. 

Look at you, you mighty one, 
Strong and tall 
Beautiful, no matter summer or fall; 
Standing with pride on the road alone. 

Whenever our eyes meet, 
Looking at your fiery heat;
I catch my breath;
With your magnificent sheath.

Against the dull background;
Your beauty astound;
Lightning up everything around.

You get a smile to my weary face;
Even in the worst of haste;
In this life's fast pace;
You are spot of solace.

No matter where I go, 
Your inspiring beauty always follows.... 

Both poem and painting 


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