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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Playing Dress up with

Playing dress up is the favorite game of all little girls or should I rightly say all girls.
Yes we are hooked up playing dressing up all our lives and we sure enjoy it to the hilt. We love imagining and dressing our self in the finest, with different combinations and genres. It's we girls after all who have got a variety to chose from and combinations, patterns and genres to experiment and match our fancy. 
Last weekend afternoon i gave myself completely into my fancies and played dress up to my hearts content. All thanks to an online shopping portal.
Limeroad uses the simple Funda, chose from myriad options, make things work for you by creating your very own look in a scrapbook, imagine yourself by playing dress up or easier browse through other collections of scrapbook, chose your favorite and buy whichever article catches your fancy. All this just on a click of your phone, they have their very own app, which is really simple to use and a genius. 
A bag caught my attention, so I just wanted to imagine what all looks will it go with and just with a click I was presented with so many options.

And now I was sure I wanted this bag, I could instantly imagine myself in all these styles and more. Just had to click on buy bag and voila it was that easy. 

I love browsing for new looks in their scrapbook and checking what items I have in my closet and what I can buy to match the same look or create similar new looks. 
Limeroad helps me to play dress up to my hearts content and has made shopping really easy with its mobile app. 

Guess what I got my product in 3 days after ordering. 

I can't wait to take this bag out, Thanks

You can get the same Black cross body bag here.

Dress up is just a click away girls, so start clicking away on



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