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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Bombay Bronx Bambaiyya Ishtyle

We spent a laid back noon Bambaiyya Ishtyle in all it senses in Pune. 
Yes you heard me right. Bombay Bronx is everything Bambaiyya and more. It is Bombay 100 percent undiluted. 
Bombay Bronx brings the vibe and soul of Mumbai alive in the heart of Pune. A little Bombay with high voltage to your senses right in Pune. 
You step foot in right in to the Mumbai local and from here starts your journey. 
Attention to the minutest of detail is given over here. 
The ambience for sure is class apart, you simply can't ask for more. Right from the train compartments to the Kolhi fisher womens adorning the wall with their backless cholis, gajras and voluptuous booty dressed immaculately in colorful drapes with baskets of fish on their head, the paan tapri wala in the corner, the taxi tables, Bombay da bad, movie posters, cassettes, drums of oil mills or the big b stretching himself completely on one huge wall. Yeh hai Mumbai meri Jaan no doubt 👍😊 
One corner is adorned by the Thelas of all street food and we are greeted with Jaljeera and Aam Panna. 
Why don't I show you - 

The chaat wala , you can't stop having I bet was really nice 👍

Welcome drinks in the cute cut glasses 
Starters just poured in loved the chicken schezuan. 
The kothimbir vadis were completely authentic 
The Tawa counter- kheema pav, pav bhaji, burji pav, Tawa pulav ,, overwhelming Bombay street food 

Bombay sandwiches 

The main course included one non veg and veg, with dessert, roti rice dal, as well as the salad bar. 

However this is what took the show away . 
Trade everything for their amazing mouthwatering drinks any day. 
Red Peru vodka, Jal jeera whiskey, Kokum vodka and my favourite Aam Panna vodka. 
This place truly rocks for the ambience, drinks and the tantalising bite food. 
It's a must try on every liquor lovers list. The music the ambience and the cocktails make you swoon and forget everything. 
The afternoon Buffet for approximately 380 INR is a steal .  An afternoon full of Bombay food, it's like eat till you drop. 

Thanks for inviting us Minoti Makim and Bombay Bronx, we had a good time with fellow bloggers. 

The evening scenes are definitely happening with a different vibe all together and next weekend this is where you will find me on a drunken Friday night 😉❤️

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