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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Beautiful BOWS...........

Bows were seen all ovwr the place this spring/ summer. It transforms any dress , outfit, or look into a notch higher. Funky, sweet, girly, classic, sweet, flirtatious, powerful these are just a few of the many looks bows can achieve.

Bring back the little girl in you. Be your favourite Alice in Wonderland again. 
Bows being the perfect hair accessory this summer, this trend is seen all over.

  • Adding bows to your look can achieve whichever look you want.
  • little something to that perfect sundress
  • hide a bad hair day 

Untitled #18

which one is your style of bow???????




  1. When I was in school, we had to really "tie" a bow (part of the uniform)

    1. ,,, oh thats soo cute,,,,,, i feel this trend is like getting the small girl out of you again ,,, i find bows to be really girly and cute ..

  2. Bows are my weakness too!
    I would love to wear the oversized bow on my head :0
    But havent been able to do that as its really dramatic.
    Will definitely try one look atleast :)

  3. I really relate to you,, even i cant get my self to sport oversized bows, but i love to sport small bow clips and tie a ribbon like a bow in a plait ,, its so cute ,, dont you think so :)



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