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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

I Will Fly

Women's Day comes every year with aplomb and is celebrated all over and that it is routine as usual. This year too the same happened and I am here asking myself - is it just that much and its over. One day of chocolates, of speeches, dinners and gifts of appreciation and then gone.

Every single day it is not like nothing is changing but neither is it like a lot is changing.
Still the questions remain unchanged, the stereotyped ones. Those moulded in one kiln for all kinds. The typical ones set aside for us women, "Don't be out late" "don't indulge in arguments" "is this what you wearing" Why are you cutting your hair so short, does your husband like it that way ?" " Is your father/husband okay with you doing that?" #don't travel alone" "When you getting married or having kids?" "you drink omg " "don't drink openly" Don't swear". This mentality is not changing. These questions and heap loads of similar ones haunt women across borders all over. Its more or less constant.

We are brought up with set of values which are imprinted and we need to continue with them, why so? If you negate, you are a rotten apple or a rebel with no cause. Why are women made to feel guilty for not cooking well, cleaning well or doing it all. Belittled on their appearance - too bold sometimes for your liking, sometimes its too plain and at others just not bothered.
No matter what others seem to have a bigger opinion than we ourselves. A simple short haircut becomes a matter of great discussion. How is my marriage or having kids got anything to do with a whole bunch of people I barely know. Why is it that If I am very successful I am a whore? Why am I typecast? Why everyone has an opinion of what I do in my life? So much of judgement on our life, choices, marriage, dating, dressing, capabilities, decisions, children, on just being.

We can live without this drama. Have we even asked you what we want or your opinion in every single aspect of our being or is it that we just don't know how to live.
Let us be, Let us bloom, we are different, we have a voice and we will use it. Let us fly and soar high. If you don't let us be, we have wings and we shall fly no matter what. Women need to uplift each other and break this shackles of age old mentality. Its time we support our kind. After all it takes  strong women who support other women to be strong and Strong women to raise stronger women.

Its time to celebrate not one day but its time to celebrate our self however we are - perfect imperfections of our beautiful being, finding our way, opening our wings, blooming and living on our own terms every single moment.
Every day is this fight fought in every way, together we shall celebrate us after all we are the creators and the Shakti behind it all. So lets create our stronger self and rise for - being ... just being who we are without question and it all.


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