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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The Daily All Day now in Pune

Pune has another entrant from Mumbai and this cousin definitely gets some good news as it enters the heart of Koregaon Park. The Daily All Day with its sparkly white walls and inky black frames takes a centre stage opposite Sanskriti in Kp. Nestled along the already settled and seasoned players this new entrant is surely holding its ground with confidence and panache. It is already talk of the town and many are lining up to this Daily (pun very much intended). 
Spread across 4000 sq feet, this place sure is done up beautifully. Classic interiors with just black and white. A lovely smart bar which occupies a centre stage. Minimal setting which lets the place breathe with space and natural light. Greenery everywhere even on your table with cute plant pots sitting plumply across. The outdoor area just opens up under the blue sky with trees circling over you. The Daily is a perfect cafe throughout the day serving your favorite cuppa or a chilled juice and come night it transforms itself in a resto bar. Definitely this guy brings good news (i told you so in the starting ) literally. The Daily has always stood for providing the happiest experience to their patrons upon every single visit. Interestingly, the concept is the only good news restaurant & bar in India, with a motto of spreading positivity, joy and optimism amidst the negativity.

Now who doesn't need that... Roof of Happiness’ has frames that carry interesting news snippets from around the world and a chandelier incorporating good news titbits exudes a charming allure to the space. This whole vibe is literally great news in terms of their food. One of the places which blew my mind with the entire experience. They serve a mix of European, Asian and Continental and a wide variety of cocktails. Over here comfort dishes and bar bites rule too. A Healthy Menu which will include delicious smoothie bowls, charcoal activated idlis and nutritious juice blends, among other enticing options is in the pipeline and I am so waiting for it, I swear. 
Until then lets start with what I had this time around which was pretty awesome by it self. 

4 / 5 
White rum, cherry liqueur, basil, cranberry infused tea with basil dry ice smoke.
This was a molecular cocktail priced at Rs 350 
Their cocktails are potent yet soothing and have a fresh take maintaining a taste of their ingredients individually and not just muddled together. 

Three Melon salad 
5/5 Must try! 
I have become this salad girl and love gorging on mind you GOOD AND BALANCED salads. This was perfect. So summery, so light , so healthy, so fresh and just yummy. Watermelon, musk and green melon with feta, pine nuts and lemon mint dressing. Such a simple combination and glad they kept it simple cause the primary flavours were bursting in the mouth with the mere magical pairing with each other. The sweetness of melons and cooling effect paired with that of creamy comforting feta and the crunch and that nutty flavour brought in by the pine nuts was just wow. The lemon and mint just enhanced these flavours by sometimes peeking out to give their taste too. - MAGIC 

Champagne Mushroom Fricassee 
5/5 Must Try! 
(if i could just give it more than that)
Just look at that beauty and take it all in. How can something look and taste so good.
Wild Mushroom sauteed in champagne vinegar coupled with Parmesan cheese, wrapped in crunchy filo.
What should I say ? Cause words certainly wont do justice to its flavours.
The mushroom, champagne, Parmesan somewhere just lost themselves as an identity or prime taste to create this supreme combination which was neither any one but the magic together. The notes of champagne with that mushroom essense coupled with comforting Parmesan. So so melt in the mouth and then wrapped in that crunchy filo. What a mouthful. I might have had more than one. I can actually have the whole platter. It was so good. 
Its wondrous. 

Thai Style Stir Fried Lotus Root (Vegan)
4/5 Recommended 
This beauty is actually vegan.
Firstly i always wanted to have vegan. This is my first vegan dish. I am not a fan of Lotus Root and i loved the dish. 
They import their lotus roots for this one. Its like veggies in kung pao sauce combined with mushrooms and Lotus roots. 
It had a lovely nutty, sweet and spicy taste. Would have tasted even better if it was crispy. Like all the ingredients. But then that's just me. I have a fascination with crispy fried stuff. 

Gypsy Queen
4.5 / 5 
Another molecular cocktail. Look at this beauty. One of the best whiskey cocktails i have had recently. It maintains the taste and smoothness of whiskey giving hints of peach, cinnamon infused with apple wood smoke. 

The Daily Spicy Chicken Wings 
4.5/5 Recommended for wing lovers
These babies were so pretty and yummy. Perfect wings which should be a bit on the spicy side. Missed the crunch due to the clicking sessions. Wish had them hot. 

Lemon Pepper Fish 
4/5 subtle flavours exactly the way intended
Grilled Basa marinated with parsley and lime topped with balsamic vinegar reduction.

Spicy Chicken Sliders
5/5 Must try 
This exactly literal sense and meaning of great things come in small packages. 
What packaging filled with flavour and taste which can give regular famous burgers run for their money honestly. 
Achieved perfection with this baby. Tasty, soft and well flavoured chicken with spicy relish topped with that cheddar and crispy (my fav ) perfect onion rings. The bun was equally good and soft; made in house.(which not many places master the art of making the perfect bun or bread - my complain always)
And the fries, did i forget them, no i cant. Have to stuff the slider with some no.... 

Cleansing Ginger - Chicken bowl. 
I ain't a ramen person but everyone else loved this. It was just so comforting to look at and just hold it. 

And the main course is served... 

Chicken on Fire
4.5 / 5 
Spicy chicken with sautéed onion and cilantro on a flat bread. Better than a pizza. 

Slow Roasted Roma Tomatoes with Spaghetti
5/5 Must try!
I ain't a fan of veg pastas and least bit red sauce ones but this here isn't any other common one. This is from the Eden of tomatoes. Yes you heard that right. What can go wrong when you have spaghetti cooking slowly in buttery Roma tomatoes sauce with a hint of fresh basil and throw in some olives. This classic Italian recipe can never go wrong. Perfection. Yummy .. sorry my bad. I should be saying. 

Moroccan Lamb 
5/5 Must try! 
Braised lamb in Moroccan spices tossed with bell pepper and carrots served with herbed rice. Simple hai na.. nah .. it was far from simple. The aromatic Moroccan curry with tje perfect medley of spices and the bell peppers and carrots went surprisingly well with the lamb. The lamb itself was so flavourful, soft and perfectly done. I loved it with the rice which just had the right flavours so as to not mess up the flavours of the lamb. It was so comforting. Loved loved it. 

Beurre Noisette John Dory
Pan roasted Australian white fish served with plum tomato and kaffir lime risotto in a caper and butter lime sauce. 
Didn't quite like the pairing of the fish with the risotto. The fish on its own was really nice. 

Oven Roasted Tomato & Olives stuffed Ravioli. 
3.5 / 5 
Home made ravioli stuffed with oven roasted tomatoes, olives and pine nuts cooked in chive butter sauce topped with spicy tomato coulis and goats cheese. 
What went wrong for me here was the size of the ravioli which made the edges harder and stuffing less. It would have been amazing if the stuffing was more and the size smaller which would definitely take the dish notches high. 
P.S little more of the goat cheese please. 

So good... all this was over no sooner than we stopped clicking.. check the highlight for it. 
Loved everything about this place and these desserts were no different. This place guys is 💗💗
In the pic you can see - ranking according to my favorite. 
Flour less Dark Chocolate mud cake Rs 200 
Wildberry and pink peppercorn Pannacotta Rs 200
Orange and Pomegranate Pannacotta Rs 200
Ricotta cheese and chocolate chip filo with mixed berry compote Rs 225 

Flourless Dark Chocolate Mud Cake 
5 / 5 Must Try ! 
This is sooo muddy good that you would even dream about it long after you have devoured with crazy passion. One of the best desserts I have had in recent times. Priced at Rs 200. This baby is completely vfm and more. 
Every bite you dig in is pure blissed out muddy chocolate good.. so dense, so soft, so chocolatey and all that .. one bite with that vanilla ice cream is pure pleasure. Must try ! @dailyallday_pune has some amazing things to offer on the menu and this sure is one of their stars. Give it a visit . I insist. .

Orange & Pomegranate Panacotta 
4.5 / 5 
A fresh summery panacotta. As soon as you see it you want to sing along just love-struck by that wiggle wobble - I wanna chiggy wiggy with you. 
The panacotta was soft and had tje perfect texture and sweetness with the summer citrusy orange and the delicate sweetness of pomegranate. Karle chiggy wiggy oh.. 

Wild berry & Peppercorn Pannacotta 
4.5 / 5 
It was as good as the one above just with the difference of that sour tinge of wild berry. 

Ricotta cheese & chocolate chip filo with a mixed berry compote
4 / 5 
What an unusual pairing of cheese with chocolate chip wrapped in crispy filo sheet with that punch of berry adding that little sweet sour twist. 

This place impressed me beyond my expectation. It sure deserves all the accolades it has been getting. The ambience, service and the most important aspect food - literally sweeps you off your feet. 
Definitely a place on everybody must visit list. I see this being the city favourite very soon. Almost everything is par excellence. 
Try it out and you will know why I am ranting all about it. 
Now didn't I tell you that this was definitely GOOD NEWS!

  • Address: Yoganand, Opposite SBI Bank, Koregaon Park, Pune, Maharashtra 411001
  • Phone: 020 71966624

Let me know your experience and thoughts.
Until we meet again. 

Stay happy! 
Enjoy the Summer and stay hydrated. Save water and share it with birds and animals.


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