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Saturday, March 24, 2018

My First pair of White Jeans and how to wear them with flare

Afraid of wearing white pants?
I have always been afraid or not so confident about wearing a pair of white jeans. Honestly ..
I am heavier on my bottom and on the plumper side so it was a big no according to the fashion bible.
White pants are meant for skinny girls - myth or reality.
I was soon to find out .. one more thing on my bucket list was about to be ticked or flicked in the bin.
I was out shopping for my birthday when I saw this gorgeous pair and in my heart I always wanted to try one out and then there were friends and family saying it will make you look thicker, not for you and you get the drift.
But guess this time I threw caution to the wind and went after my heart and was I glad I did that.  I rocked this look on my birthday ..  Loved it and completed another challenge in my brain, life, fashion, confidence whatever you may term it. But I did conquer this fear with ace.

Some tips to wear it with flare.
  • Always get the perfect fit, not too baggy or it will make you look more frumpy and big and not too tight, you don't want the colour to reflect on those areas that you want to camouflage more. It should fit perfectly.
  • Don't go in for a too thin material which is see through nor a too thick one which adds another layer which is not required.
  • Wear appropriate underwear, you don't want it to look like a bizarre peep show. 
  • Pair the jeans with a plaid shirt and you have a classic on your hand. 
  • create layers, try blazers, dusters, to break all that white. Just match the right colours. It will work out surely.
  • The classic one will always remain black and white - its magic. So pair it up with a black top. 
  • White on white is pristine. 
  • Try long tops, shirts, stripes if you don't want to experiment too much.
  • Lastly wear it with panache and carry it with attitude and you are done. 
Such a classic piece for every wardrobe especially in Summer. 

Outfit Details 

Denims - Ginger 
Top  - Zara 
Duster - Chemistry
Footwear - High street 
Bag - Rocky S 
Watch - Tommy Hilfiger 
Glares - Forever 21

Happy Summer!

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