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Friday, December 30, 2016

The Tantric Curse - Anupama Garg - Book Review

Author: Anupama Garg
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Genre: Fiction| Thriller
Pages: 280
Price: 295 INR


On an amavasya night, eight-year-old Rhea mysteriously lands at the doors of Shaktidham, a Tantric house of worship, in a trance. Realizing that she is blessed with unusual faculties, the guru of Shaktidham, Satya, chooses her as a disciple over his own son, Krishnam, to carry on his lineage, a privilege previously bestowed only to males. But the lineage has been cursed for generations, and it is up to Rhea to either break the curse or perish in the attempt.
Will she succeed in her endeavour? Will her love for Krishnam become an obstacle in her path? The Tantric Curse, an unusual story set in the world of Tantra that aims to dispel most of the myths about the practice, will keep you spellbound till the very last page.

My Take

I was really happy on receiving this book from the author as I was really intrigued By the subject of Tantra. In India or anywhere else this topic is always that of mystery, of hushed voices, suspicion, little knowledge and more gossip. 
Though everyone talks about it in whispers everyone sure wants to know more. 
I was all the more glad to Read this book as this is selected By the National Book Trust and is being showcased in Indian Pavilion at the Frankfurt Book Fair (world's largest fair for books )
My first thoughts on this book were that it Might be boring with a lot of gyan (knowlwledge) and a slow Read. However I was in for a suprise, I underestimated this book. Once I started reading, I couldnt keep it down
A breezy read surely and made very interesting with a surreal love story in the background.
Its a page turner for sure and I enjoyed it thoroughly.
The book has an intense story woven with a beautiful love story. The author has very cleverly imbibed the principles of tantra and narrated them through the story. The story progresses with different aspects being told of this subject. 
The pratogonist of the book is the disciple of Tantra and takes us into this world of ancient and authentic Tantra.
Tantra has originated from Lord Shiva himself. Though misrepresented and misunderstood this art is pure and positive. 
The author strives hard to tell this fact and I think she is successful in doing so through this book.
Anupama Garg herself is a disciple of  Baba Batuknathji , a well known Tantric and head of Bhoot Nath ashram, the main centre being Lucknow ,Uttar Pradesh India.
She took it on herself to shed some light over Tantra and show people the true meaning of this art. 
The author uses Simple language and holds the readers interest in the world of Rhea. Her journey compels one to think that all things are happebing for a reason in our life.. its a chain action. The purpose of our life is self discovery to attain the BEST of ourself to achieve self satisfaction By being true to our purpose in life.
Looking at life in reverse we can join all dots and understand why things happened. However it is us who have to keep going forward to discover our worth on this planet, to know why we are born and to fulfill our roles. It is this awakening that allows one complete satisfaction in ones life. While telling this and more the author holds the plot completely with the strong storyline and chatacters which are etched beautifully with utmost detailing. All questions are answered and the plot unfolds one mystery after another. 

The Guru Satya, the Sadhak Rhea, the saint Krishnam weave a magic on us and draw us into their world of Tantra, awakenings, beautiful love, principles, will and determination.

This book is a must read in all aspects. The author has done a tremendous job and has been successful in not only explaining the world on true principles of Tantra but also in giving a beautiful story who draws the reader in and keeps you mesmerised.
Looking forward to more books from her.

Thumbs up from my side - Must read.

Check out the complete video on the book review below.

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Hope you have fun reading it.
Let me know.

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