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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Best Breakfast places near Baga - Goa Diaries

Another Goan vacation and another set of my favourite restaurants must must go in Goa...
Without further ado here we go.
This time we craved breakfast places and as a result we landed on some favourite quintessential properties which were so mesmerising we never wanted to leave and the food was as usual mind blowing and completely comforting putting you in a vacation mood with instant food coma. Time just stood still. Be a witness.....

This place just took my heart away . So serene so peaceful completely relaxing. The food is good sumptuous and delicious. The whole setting is laid back. It's like enjoying the Goan life. I loved their fluffy juicy omelette with mushrooms ,, the extra generous helping of creamy mashed potatoes and caramelised onions. The croissants were super soft and melt in mouth the best I ever had. A strong dose of coffee be it hot or cold. Banana fritters were really delicious. The whole breakfast set the mood for the entire day . My favourite place now on must go whenever in Goa.

only if you could feel the fluffy, creamy cheesy omelette and melt in the mouth soft croissants through this picture.

Susegaado - Joy of living ... just being..

This quaint place is made up of dreams, straight out of wonderland, heaven for the sweet aficionados.. a cute bakery in a corner well stocked with yummy goodies, cakes cupcakes and all delectable stuff.. the chocolate cupcake we tried was yummy and decadent. The breakfast spread is amazing , we tried the English breakfast with sausages one of the best chicken sausages I have ever had . Juicy with right spices and they were so good, the omelette was cheesy fluffy soft and juicy all at the same time. The croissant was lovely and the coffee was every true coffee lovers dream come true, strong wake me up types. The pancakes came with butter and maple syrup , chocolate sauce and were sinful .The veg panini was equally awesome.. . awesome places for true breakfast lovers ., let the pictures do the talking .. I m drooling

Time stands still at this place.

Nice cosy place, we went there for drinks and shisha and their game was on point for everything . Had a fabulous time. The shisha was good, the raspberry lemonade was awesome and huge and so was the hot chocolate. The mojito was decent. Over all a nice place to hang out though not at the beach. Wish I had tried some food but was completely full with our brunch at Lila's. Next time for sure I will be back with food review too.. Try out the place , laid back ambience on a busy street,, definitely a place to chill after a nice shopping session at Baga or cool off the afternoon heat 

Hope you guys had fun exploring these places with me.

check out the entire video here with CAFE LITERATTI TOO...

Until we meet again
Stay Cheerful!!

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  1. Lila cafe has certainly been very popular among the foreign tourist over last few years! Great post


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