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Tuesday, December 6, 2016


From the vegetarian capital of the world ‘Gujarat’, comes the first vegetarian fine
dine, ‘Classe’ by The Cooking Culture’, serving course wise sit down meals. Aromen
Group along with partners SRK ventures brings this brand to Pune after the success
of two popular restaurants in Ahmedabad and one on the cards in Hyderabad.

Great meals and a unique experience is what defines this gorgeous place.
The concept being - to create a beautiful and
memorable dining experience showcasing cuisines from across the globe.
Western fine dine combined with warm Indian Hospitality in gorgeous sophisticated ambience.
The décor echoes this concept with dark wood panelled walls, low lighting, scalloped
lattice screens and some innovative mesh curtains that can be drawn to give each
table privacy.
The minimal cement flooring and touch of greenery lend an earthy impact to this plush place.

A plated course wise meal with
each course being a discovery of colours, flavours, textures and cuisines.
They have kept the portions small to keep the meal exciting, satisfying and yet constantly
piquing guests’ curiosity.
Formal dinners are in 10, 15 and 21 courses with a short 7
course option for business luncheons.
This is the only restaurant across the globe to
serve a 21 course vegetarian meal. (wow,,, trumpets)

The 10 course meal plan has a prescribed set
menu format comprising of the most loved dishes and also has an option of selecting
the menu from Ala carte offering whereas the 15 course meal is a chef’s tasting
menu and the 21 course meal is a grand tour menu. Meals are served on prior
booking in dining areas designed for privacy (do remember to book)

They also boast of a hygienic , glass walled show kitchen so you can have a peek and see your food being cooked.

Exclusive experience with
luxury of conversation, interaction and a relaxed meal in a luxurious ambience
without the hassle of choice, ordering, serving and decision making- Classe culture in a nutshell.

That's so true, cause all we had to do was get an appetite and just relax, sit back enjoy the ambience service and amazing food.
We were served a 10 course meal, so why don't you guys have a look at what I ate and dine with your eyes with me.

Nibbles while you wait for your food.
I loved it and couldn't stop having the hummus.

Course 1 -
Blood Orange
I really loved it, great to sip on throughout.
Lots of lime and lemon - perfect tangy and sweet.

Course 2
Smoked Cheese and Paprika soup.
I loved the soup- cheesy with a smoky effect and undertone of paprika.

Course 3
Chana Masala Wonton
Deep fried wontons on a bed of chana masala with mint and sonth.
Nice crispy wontons went so well with the spicy chana masala with a hint of sweet from the pomegranates.
Favourite chaat dish has to be their in any veg meal.

Course 4
Cottage Cheese Pinwheels
Cottage cheese stuffed with mash of cheese and tomato concussed.
I loved it, it was so rich and heavy. the rich texture of cottage cheese as well as cheese went perfectly well with the tomato flavours.

Course 5
Taro's Nest
Fresh vegetables cooked in holy sauce on crunchy noodle nest.

Course 6
Parmagiani Ravioli
Homemade tomato, ricotta and wild marjoram ravioli cooked in saffron cream sauce.
Utterly delectable - such delicate flavours and fine texture of the Raviolli- melt in the mouth with an after taste of saffron lingering on your senses.

Palate Cleaner

Course 7 and 8
                                          two Indian rotis with an international twist with two
Clay pot roasted cottage cheese cooked tomato and bell peppers.
Mausam ki khaas tarkari - seasonal fresh vegetable sabzi.
Everything was  really delicious and well prepared.

Course 9
Hyderabadi Biryani  with boorani raita
This was one of the show stoppers.
One of the best veg biryanis I have had.
The taste was superb, the rice was filled with aroma, masalas and balance of vegetables.
I completely loved it.

Course 10
Saffron Almond Soil
It was one delightful treat made from the crumble
of saffron and almond biscuits.
Soft on every bite oozing with flavour especially when paired with the crumble and soil.

With these delicacies and huge spread we concluded the night with happy hearts and over filled stomach.
It was indeed a beautiful experience.
Definitely will make one great date night ;p
Thanks a lot for having me over Classe and Carpe Diem team.

So whenever the taste pangs crave for some utterly delicious veg fine dining with an unique ambience, warm hospitality - I know where to head to and the best thing its easy on the pocket too with fuss free dining without having to decide who is gonna order and what...- life saver :)

Cuisines : European, Asian, North Indian, Mexican and many more
Fine Dine and Vegetarian Only
Timings : Lunch: 12:00 to 15:00 & Dinner: 19:00 to 23:30
Other Detail:
 Prior Booking Mandatory
 Proper casual or formal attire
 Valet parking available

Hope you had fun reading.
Until we meet again you go and experience Classe and its awesome food.


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