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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Diwali DIY Crafts

Very easy DIY Diwali crafts to add colour to your Diwali.
In your budget and extremely easy. Great option to add colour to your home and decorate your home on a budget. Make for an amazing gift as well.

I am making three easy things for you.
Tea light or candle holders or diyas.
Ready made rangoli or tea light holder.
Tea light reflector.

All you need for the first one is some glass katoris in any shape.
Fevicryl glass colors.
pixy dust.

Colour the glass bowls in different designs, sprinkle some pixy dust on it whilst the colour is wet.
Let them dry and tadaa you have pretty holders ready.

Readymade Rangoli
All you need is cd, fevicryl glass colours, adhesive and decorative material you prefer, pixy glitter.
Decorate the cd, colour it and you are done.

Stack your glass bangles together no need to glue them, you can just stack them if u want.
Add a tea light and voila.. pretty simple yet amazing.

Decorated T light candles
Decorated candles look much prettier than the simple ones.
All you need is metallic tape or glitter tape to have these pretty little beauties.

Check the video below to watch how I did all this step by step and more...

Hope you liked what you saw.
Stay tuned for more Diwali posts.

Enjoy these easy crafts and decorate your house.
Happy Diwali!
Lots of love.

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