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Monday, October 24, 2016

Diwali Outfit with Colour daze

Hello Guys its been a long time I did an outfit post for you all or rather shared one with you people.
So here I am going all Desi thanks to the Diwali festivities in the air.
Oh God! How I love this festival and start preparing for it since ages.
I love the vibrant colours of the Rangoli and the lanterns, the Diyas and the Goddess, so here I am trying to recreate a look straight from my heart a colourful vibrant Diwali and a colourful vibrant outfit. It just speaks straight from my heart the DIWALI saga and I am smitten by the whole feel forever.
Since the whole outfit is vibrant with such bold and bright colours I have get the accessorising part to a minimal level. I have adorned lots of silver trinkets some are from PNG and some are from Sudhan.
This helps me balance my look and keeps everything together. I love Silver jewellery. Buy me silver anytime ;p. I opted for my Kolhapuri Chappal (footwear) to complete the look.
Went almost minimal and soft on my make up (my style) a hint of bronze and orange on the eye, lots of kohl and bright lips.
Btw people I have put on some weight thanks to the excessive binging on my last holiday in Goa from which we have just returned. So excuse that, its time to get into regular routine again and exercise my ass. The vacation posts will follow soon, soon after Diwali, cause for Diwali I have lots in store for you guys. So stay put and keep following me on all social media to get the latest Diwali deets.
And now for the outfit.

Make sure no matter what is your style, wear it with confidence and own it. Always balance the look.

So that was it for today ...

Outfit Details
Dress - Diwali exhibition
Footwear - Kolhapur
Accessories - PNG and Sudhan

Until we meet again....
Lots of Love ..
Stay Happy and spread the Diwali joy

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