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Monday, July 11, 2016

Singapore Diaries - Must eat Food.

Singapore is a foodies paradise.
With so many cultures residing together, the food culture is rich and predominant.
Singapore is one of the most expensive cities in the world, so do keep that in mind before allocating a expenses for food during your stay here.
It's a way of life to enjoy food which is easily seen in n number of food streets, hawker centres dotting the city. 
The street food is really popular and aptly so. 
Inexpensive, delicious and a huge variety, no points for guessing that it is ingrained in the culture of Singapore.

Food chains of Mc Donalds, Subway and other big wigs are conveniently placed throughout Singapore and they are always around so it is never difficult to locate them.
However out of all we found Subway and Mc Donalds the most popular with locals as well as tourists. Both these places are completely and incredibly tasty and superbly vfm.
One can have a cheapest and the most filling meals over here.

Amazingly delicious and so filling.

One of the best ice creams. We literally used to have a couple of these every day.

Yes its a completely Grown ups life.

Chicken Laksa
Flat noodles in rich coconut curry.

It was very very good . The soup/curry was nice spicy and tangy and extremely delicious. We licked the bowl clean. We didn't know how to eat with chopsticks at that time and there were no forks. It was quite a task to eat the slurpy noodles with a soup spoon however we managed with excellence baring a few spills.

Now do keep in mind that Singapore is extremely hot and you have to bear the scorching sun as at all major attractions one needs to walk a lot in the open outdoors.
The local people beat the heat in style and taste with yummy concoctions of drinks located at all kiosks, street shops, food markets and every where possible.
So join the bandwagon, stay hydrated and enjoy your vacation. 

Snapple being my all time favourite - this was completely utterly delicious.

Milo iced - we literally lived on this in Singapore.
This is available everywhere at all nook and crannies, sold on the street in plastic bags however our favourite one was at
89.7 Supper Club. Nice, tall, dark and strong glass of milo goodness. 

This was one brilliant drink to stay hydrated. This actually had natural coconut water with chunks of coconut and it was so refreshing and fresh with natural sweetness. Too good. 

Satay by the Bay
Must go when you visit Garden by the Bay.
The food stalls have a good variety, tasty food and very economical with an romantic setting and beautiful breeze.
Take a look at these cute tables.
such an amazing setting.
We completely loved the experience.

Rice with a Chinese chicken preparation which was brilliant.
The food was some serious tasty stuff.

Chicken Satay with peanut dip and another sweet spicy dip served with onion.

We were so tired walking all over the Garden by the bay and extremely tired.
This experience was heavenly for our tired aching soles as well rumbling hungry stomach parched in the heat of Singapore.
A light gentle cold breeze, coupled with the Bay and amazing food. We nursed our tired feet and stomach back to reenergised health.

89.7 Supper Club
Next stop on the list is where we dined a couple of times.
Every time it was equally crowded and the food was always yummy.
It is a completely vfm place on the go.

Kung Pao Chicken with Rice I loved it. 

Stuffed Pan cake or pan fried bread. 
More or less a Muslim delicacy very similar to the Indian paratha. Yummy and comforting. It was very filling, it came with a fish curry and dal preparation both were amazing and very good (especially the dal).

Curly fries so good with shawarma roll which were completely different. We also ordered chicken chilly which was also very different ( more like Goan chilly) nice they were. 

We wanted to try the local star dish which is Hainanese chicken rice. 
We had ordered half a chicken which was like boiled chicken with skin served with stock rice and garlicky dip. 
It wasn't to my taste. However I was zapped as my hubby who doesn't really have a very good appetite (both of us for that matter - small eaters) ate the whole chicken single handedly. I was zapped 😳😱 really.... 

This was one of the most yummiest thing that we had at the Singapore zoo. 
Chicken gravy in sour dough bread bowl. 
It was awesome. The curry was coconutty (Indian) with loads of spices, potatoes and big chunks of chicken served in the bread bow. We finished it within seconds. 😍👍🏻⭐️

The variety of food you get at the night safari is not that great and I was disappointed. The food is really expensive over here. 
We had a hot dog roll and a barbeque roll the price of which were equal to a three course meal. It was ok nothing great to write about. I love the candle though and I got my cocomax. 

Yum food at the universal studios in the mummy section. 

Keep slurping on slushes and ice creams ❤️❤️ and stay hydrated. 

Food in China Town is to die for. Be it Indian, Chinese or any other. Take my word it's amazing. Look out for the ratings on the street food carts/stalls at the china town food street. It's almost authentic Indian, we loved this Indian platter of chicken curry, biryani, papadam and a big leg of chicken whilst sipping on the tiger beer. 

The best sweet and sour chicken I have ever had. 

The food street on the Arab street is must visit. 

One of the best hummus. 

Curly fries made to perfection. The portions are so super huge. We were completely full. 
We went to Durwish Turkish- the place is popular, the food is awesome though on the expensive side, the portions are huge. There are many other options to chose from.

Pakistani food - kheema with white peas ( we had it for the first time and it was amazing ) chicken tikka was melt in the mouth, juicy and super soft. - GOOD STUFF 👍🏻⭐️ This was in one of the food centres - Balestier market food court. 

The food courts in malls are super crowded and dish our amazingly tasty food for reasonable rate. So eat whilst you shop. This Indian thali was completely yum. We had this in the Takahimaya Food Hall food court.

Save the best for the last. 

I searched for this ice cream uncle in the entire Singapore and unexpectedly ran into him outside Ion Orchard.

Small makeshift shop on his bike. 

Chose your favorite flavour of ice cream and then either chose the original rainbow bread or a wafer. Nothing like I have ever had. Actually sandwich ice cream - bliss is this 😍👍🏻⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

To put the whole thing in nutshell. Singapore is a foodies paradise, experiment with your food, try the local joints and delicacies, visit the street food centres and eat to your hearts content and you are sorted. Look around and everywhere you will see some delicacy or the other in this food lovers country.

You must try out the Newton food centre, geylang food serai, China town street food and all other yummy hawker food you can lay your hand on.

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I hope this was of some help, do let me know in comments.

Until we meet again, stay happy and cheerful !
Lots of Love


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