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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Monsoon, Chai & I

That special cuppa of chai (tea) becomes extra special in monsoon.
Its a never ending love affair between the two. The romance it creates is insatiated and never ending, it keeps one desiring, longing, burning for one more kiss from the lips of the chai and one more hug from the raindrops wet.
The interwound and  mingled fragrances - the sultry and addictive petrichor with the calming notes of ginger, tea and milk numb the senses and also take them higher all at once.
I have got a confession to make I never drink tea, yes you heard me right and still here I am a non tea drinker penning praises.
I had never touched tea or drank it till few years back and then one day I happened to have it on a rainy day standing by a makeshift cart and sipping on a cup of this warmth in the cool weather - I just fell in love.
Don't get me wrong I still don't drink tea or neither am I addicted to it in my daily routine, just this one of affairs I have sometimes - monsoon magic you see.

check for yourself.

Nothing beats a plate of pakoras with chai on a Rainy day.
Monsoon favourites- devoured these goodies somewhere in Mulshi.
Read all about our Rainy day in Mulshi.

Iraani chai from Southin café when its pouring outside.

I love my eyelashes over here.

Chai with friends on a rainy evening is more special when served with the small biscuits (childhood memories) from glass jars. This one is at Chai Viman nagar and I love my masala chai over here, slurping on maggi alongside.

Chai on a Highway is like watching the drama unfold with best seats in the house.

Cups of chai when the world passes by.

Rainy evenings at home with Chai and Slices of Fruit cake from Kayani bakery- bliss

These were some of my Chai chapters what are yours.
Let me know what are your monsoon favourites.

You can also read about Monsoon for the Chai Lover

Until we meet again.
Enjoy that cuppa and stay happy and cheerful.
Happy Monsoon !

Lots of Love

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