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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Heavy rains , Empty wells and Monster fish

Last to last weekend was a working one however the good part about the whole thing was we were travelling through the countryside and the rain kissed paddy fields and mountains.

It was raining heavily and there was hardly any visibility however it was raining in patches.

So we decided to do a pit stop and this is where the fun starts I love halts whilst travelling and love to take in the surroundings and all the beauty.
Its the journey that matters, isn't it?
Btw hubby dear hates to halt and never agrees for the same (quite unenthusiastic ;p he is that way ) he just wants to reach the destination. quite opposite we are and quite attracted to each other hence. hahah

This was scary - there were just empty dry wells and dry rivers scattered all across- 90 %.
This is on our way to Shirdi. The locals said they are getting water by tankers and there was hardly any rain recorded. The scenario is same in the entire state (Maharashtra). its really worrisome.
Increasing urbanisation - population- declining trees and mountains - global warming - drought - natural calamities.
We need to get our act straight, do something and the time is now. 
(this was 3 weeks back, I hope things have changed now with good rainfall that we have been receiving.)

maal gaadi - Goods train.
looks so scenic in the background.
I wish I had a better picture but this is the best I could do with rain from a fast moving car.

sucker fish
I hate don't like these creatures, they are so not appealing actually somewhat ugly and these being humongous monsters increased the quotient of dislike more however look at the pictures. The  rain worked its magic on them too and aren't they looking calming and welcoming amidst the water drops, quite pretty actually.

blooms blossoming everywhere and making my heart sing ..

Please welcome my little brother (not so little but a handsome young man if I may say so) on the blog today.
My partner in everything since childhood, having each others back (nothing like the innocent childhood) always, continues even now.

Btw it was courtesy my brother that we halted we bullied my hubby together to stop ,, heheh,

3 musketeers the fourth one is missing in action - my little sister who is actually a twin of my brother. Yes they both are twins and nothing alike but chalk and cheese. Missing happens a lot.

one with the hubby, forcing him to take a picture. He hates being behind as well as in front of the camera (yes the story of my life :()

Chai on the highway in Rains - Magic for tired travellers.

our stay
Sai Shubham

The room were very clean and spacious. Nice place to stay in Shirdi.
Check them out here at Oyo.

Nothing beats comforting monsoon food - Pakoras to be specific and here we have a feast of them - potato, paneer, cheese, onion.. I am drooling.

This is how we work ,,, haha

Hope you enjoyed some snippets.

Until we meet gain.
Stay Happy and Cheerful!

Lots of Love

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