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Friday, March 16, 2012

Fashion- timeless classic white

Each summer brings with it ever evolving fashion trends ,colors, prints, styles but one thing is constant in these ever changing pattern is the ethereal eternal white. "A timeless classic in the real sense "

 the white shirt is a simple yet versatile piece, which can be used to create different looks . Be it effortlessly casual, sophisticated, classy or just simply chic, or sexy. available from the largest fashion houses to the local vendor. to suit every budget and style.
the white maxis, summer dresses,blouses, shorts etc  are the most sought after from celebrities to thee masses.
white inspires
you can create different looks pairing white with different colors and accessories.
it soothes the fashion senses

lets see how we can have different looks with white and who's wearing the white and how ?





Simona Ventura in white shirt

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Monique Lhuillier

 White tee shirt outfitOutfit that shows you how to wear a white v-neck tee shirtCute accessories to dress up a plain white tee

 Accessorizing a Plain White Shirt

Many things you can accessorise your plain white shirt look... the key things you should have in your wardrobe are .

  • Scarves-easy to add instant color and life to any the day , just change the fabric and you will be ready.lighter fabric in summer and heavier ones in winter...
  • Rings- as you read my earlier post on silver, just throw a statement silver ring on your finger and it glams the outfit immediately.Express yourself and make your own style with a wacky skull ring, romantic heart ring, oh so gorgeously chic emerald pearl, professional or sweet band,or a bold statement piece.
  • Bracelets- Bracelets, like rings, can add some interest to your outfit without being too showy. They look great piled on or just worn solo- especially with a plain shirt. If you’re going to pile them on though, make sure that you don’t overdo it with any other jewelry. Balance is key.
  • Necklaces- experiment with different types of necklace with your look as they come in different shape, size and colors. They’re fun and different, which will make your your outfit stand out from the rest.
  • Colorful or Different Shoes- Ditch the plain sneakers and go for vivid colors to spice up your look.Reds , blue, endless possibilities, flats,gladiators,heels.
  • Belts- I like my belt to be simple, and basic but there is so much more you can experiment with.
  • Bags- i am a tote person, so like to carry my totes in different colors, designs and styles with my white shirt look, but a sling equally looks good.
  • Layer it! - wear bright colored tanks or spaghetti underneath  your plain white tee. The white tee tones down these bold colors, and simply offsets the bottom of the tank top so that your white tee doesn’t look plain anymore
  • Wear a Vest - Vests are always a great way to layer your plain white tee and can be a great going out look.

have different looks with the same shirt
Make your style and nail it......

so many more accessories,, you can try, you can get amazing looks with one white shirt, so get in it and get your style, spruce it up ..

tell me how do you wear your white shirt.

xoxo bhakti

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