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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

LIFESTYLE-- Changing shopping scenarios--

Lifestyle in Pune is changing with the change in sky scrapers, it sectors, multiplexes, malls and the earning capacities nad everything else going with it.

First shopping in pune meant the bustling laxmi road or MG road. With shops lined on the outstretched road or for that matter clover centre, wonder land or the haggling small crowded buy lanes of fashion street or tulsi trips meant long walks on these roads looking for merchandise,bargaining with shopkeepers followed by misal or dosa or perhaps marzorin sandwhich or milkshakes as a treat.where big international brands were only got by auntys visiting from abroad.

  laxmi road mg road


Long gone are those days, today shopping means myriad of choices available and variety of brands and international players catering to your choices.Malls like phoenix , inorbit and lots of others have stormed the market with a brand new shopping experience tantalising the pune crowd with an oh so absolutely endless possibilities for shopping.

These malls cater to all the wants of shoppers and lets so not forget the non shoppers(men folk with their wallets for their beloved). right from beer bars wifis, gaming zones, snack bars, restaurants, cafes, spas, lounges are all available to satiate and keep the non shoppers glued. where as for the shopaholics its a different paradise all together. having the big Indian as well as international players under one roof, right from shoes, bags,book stores, accessories, clothing, home, lifestyle, sports, supermarket, everything at one go.They take care of the tiny toddlers as well by keeping them busy with fun city and gaming stations giving you a hassle free and guilt free shopping experience.

No need to fret about the parking outside because the malls provide ample of need to worry about going somewhere else and eating as you could grab a bite while on your shopping spree, or enjoy a laid back meal after the shopping escapade at one of the restaurants right there.Tired of all the shopping why not take a soothing spa treatment.


This is today's shopping scene in pune , where no one is disappointed , there is something to suit each persons need and everyone goes happy home at the end.

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