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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bridal - Bridal emergency kit.

Bridal emergency kit.

To avoid any unwanted event or mishap, a bride should always have an emergency kit handy at all times.It should be entrusted to the bridesmaid or your best friend in order to save your day in case of unforeseen circumstaces.

  • sewing kit
  • double sided tape
  • safety pins
  • clips
  • lipstick
  • compact powder
  • perfume
  • nail polish
  • mouth freshner
  • compact mirror
  • tissues
  • hand sanitiser
  • scissor/tweezers
  • straws
  • cell phone
  • extra earring backs
  • wedding agenda
  • numbers of all service providers
  • band aid
  • hair spray
  • comb/brush
  • nuts, snack food,granola bars
  • water bottle
  • tooth pick
  • tampons
  • non drowsy allergy medicine
  • pain killers- nice, aspirin
  • wallet
  • extra contact lenses
keep extra pair of shoes handy


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