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Monday, February 26, 2018

We Think We Have Time.

The trouble is we think we have time - Buddha

Its such a short and simple line with the meaning staring at us in the most honest sense however we steadfastly deny to accept it on its face.
We live for tomorrow, we are ingrained to think about future about past mistakes.
We seldom live in today. Whatever we do its always for the betterment of future never today. Honestly, who will see tomorrow do we know. Do we even know how much will we live and in what condition. Then why dont we live in today.
I take rest today and not on the weekend. I deserve that chocolate today. Let me wear the nice dress today and not save it for a special occassion. Take that vacation, learn new things, spend quality time with loved ones.
Who knows how much time do we have. So I will make my time beautiful now. Live life fully now. Not holding grudges, forgiving now, exercising now, loving now, Living now cause time is just a mirage and we are caught in its magic.
Plan for tomorrow but live today.
Don't think about what can happen in a month or a year. Just focus on today and make it beautiful, do the best you can to reach where you want to be cause all we have is now. So why take anyone and anything for granted. Life is unpredictable but beautiful nevertheless, its precious and so are we.
Let everyday be like the last day ever and life certainly will be big if not long and beautiful.
On that note I am sharing an outfit close to my heart and style and easy breezy look in my favorite shade pink and its a pale pink.

Bag - Victoria Secrets 
Denims- Levi's
Top - Roadster
Footwear- Footin
Watch- Tommy 
Neckpiece - Romwe 


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