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Saturday, February 24, 2018

How to shop online like a Pro

The traffic gets worse as we speak making it difficult to go anywhere leave alone shopping through the crazy mayhem. Add to it the crazy bee lines for the changing rooms plus the luxury of not having everything under one roof to check it out or compare.
Another scenario- A hot mug of coffee cuddled in your favourite spot at home shopping to your hearts content with crazy options to chose from. Not to forget the year round competitive offers. No wonder online shopping has become the first choice and a popular one in all age groups. Its a bliss to shop online but there are times when we are disappointed because the biggest drawback is we are not seeing, feeling or not in physical contact with the product and process.
So I thought I would just compile a few to - do's list which definitely has improved my online shopping experience with you guys.

First and foremost compare, there are so many sites offering the same product and different discounts and offers - Always compare and do not and I stress on DO NOT BUY THE FIRST YOU SEE.

Check the shipping, return and exchange policy before buying anything. You don't want to be stuck with a product which doesn't fit right or is damaged. Secondly the shipping charges are also important, doesn't make sense to buy something whose value is less than what you pay for its shipping and whether they ship in your area that is.

Reviews are most important as you cannot see or feel or try the product. You need to see the opinion and experience of other buyers who have bought it. I always go by the reviews. It makes life that much easier. Remember to share your review about the product you buy this enhances the overall shopping experience for all. Its a simple give and take. Normally the reviews and ratings are included on the same page of the product or else there is no dearth of reviews online. Go check before you buy.

This again is very important cause sizing differs according to the makers or companies and brands. You might be a M but a S would suffice in some cases or even you may require an L in others. Know your body measurements for the same.

Just don't blindly go on the picture you like. It is photo shopped and styled to perfection. Read the information below - the fabric, the fit, the style, the care. You don't want to buy a cheap quality material or something that sticks to you body horribly or which doesn't look good on you - you get the drift I assume.

Finally before you buy check for offers and coupons codes/ discounts on the site or on google. In fact there are lot of sites which only are meant for offers and coupons. Check.

Do I need to stress on this more - do not save you credit card information on the site. IT IS NOT SAFE.

There are 100's of sites which are coming up with their own small business. Check the reviews, check the experience, don't blindly order. Better still order less if you ordering for the first time and still better chose COD so that you can pay when the product arrives after checking it.

If you are fine with it, sign up for the notifications and newsletter of your favorite website. That way you will be notified of  the upcoming sales, offers, new collections etc

That's it, did I miss anything? Let me know if you have anymore pointers. These are the ones I use and I am quite happy shopping online with them.
So what you waiting - Happy Shopping !


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