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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Hola Picantos ! - Review

Hola Amigos !!! 
In case if you Wondering why I am all Mexican today .... scroll down and find out ... 

pic credits Ashay Kully
Passing by the busy Kalyani Nagar you can easily spot this small joint thanks to its bustling colours. You are tempted to stop and check out the place as it intrigues you with its vibrant décor and pulsating vibe.
We did just that, checked out this place on invitation from the owners Shivgauri Rajan and Himanshu Shah and it sure is super cute.
So here we are at Picantos - A Mexican Grill -  a small Tex Mex fast casual dining restaurant which serves food at affordable prices.

They have major plans of expansion and some really creative concepts in pipeline. Think of a Picantos community or village spread throughout the country. Sounds interesting doesn't it. For now lets suffice with the outlet at Kalyani Nagar which is dressed up like a Picantos Jail.

Totally loving the  vibes ...

Picantos means spicy way of making food in Spanish. 
They pride on making all the sauces and their recipes from scratch and I must say they do succeed with flying colours. 
The heat over here is lowered to suit everyone's palette, however you can ask them to raise the chilli quotient as high as you want and believe me you won't regret it as Mexican food means hot, spicy and full of flavour. No wonder I love Mexican food. 
Picantos serves all the Mexican favourites and more, take your pick from their range of Burrito bowls, Enchiladas, Nachos, Tacos, Quesadillas, and more.... couple them with some refreshing drinks or lap it up with some hot chocolate or coffee. Don't forget to Indulge in some sinful dessert and you will be sorted. 
Easy food on the go, great option to order in for a relaxed weekend or just grab a quick bite with friends - it's perfect.
The best thing is you can customise your food according to your preference, spices, dips, ingredients and there lies the magic.
Have a look at what we ate and I am sure you will be left craving for more. 
We started with some refreshers to beat the heat and the list was long.
Iced Tea
Ginger Lemonade
Green Apple Ice Tea
Mixed Fruit Spritzer
Bloody Guava Cooler
Cold Coffee
Crunchy Chocolate Shake

My Picks - Ice Tea, Cold coffee , Crunchy chocolate shake and Ginger Lemonade.

Whilst we enjoyed our drinks the sides started popping up and were we glad cause the bloggers are always a hungry pack ;p

Spinach and Mushroom
Spicy Chicken.
Now this one was not spicy at all quite not like its name, they said they cater to the masses which prefer to like the food less spicy and serve it instead with a spicy dip but if you are like me a spice lover, then request them to make it spicy and they certainly would oblige.
Honestly it was a bit bland for my taste, add spices and it would really be a cheesy spicy killer.

Quesadilla - a tortilla (a flat bread ) filled with cheese and often a savory mixture (as of meat and vegetables), folded, and usually fried.

Tacos we tried the hard shell as well as soft shell but the former will always be my favourite, there is magic about the crunchy hard shell filled to brim with cheese, beans, meat and spices.
Tacos -
a Mexican dish consisting of a folded or rolled tortilla filled with various mixtures, such as seasoned mince, chicken, or beans.
Must try especially the hard shell ones.  

Nachos - My Love -
Be it veg or non veg .. I love them and how.
Picantos sure delivered both ways.
Crispy nachos loaded with cheese, beans, chicken and served with different sauces/dips -
Spicy Salsa, Creamy Guacamole and cheesy dip. They all went so well with the Nachos and were mind blowing.

Nachos - a dish of tortilla chips topped with melted cheese and often also with other savoury toppings:

These babies just took the experience to the next level.
Mustard Honey
Mango chilli
all of them were so so good I cant even tell you.

The Mains arrived ,,,,,,

The Chicken Burrito bowl.
This one was a giant bursting with flavours, consisted of Rice, veggies, gravy, spices, sauces, cream cheese, sour cream, honey mustard, and chicken.
Must try - make it according to your specifications. suffices two.

Another Favourite and must have.
Look at the cheese.
Tortilla Filled with meat, veggies covered chilli sauce and melted cheese, this sure gives your taste buds a spin. So filling.

The desserts sure made a grand entrance.

Chocolate Panacotta with Strawberry coolie 
It failed to match the magic it created on its grand entrance. I would give it a pass. You can try if you are a Panacotta fan.

Churros with chocolate.
These babies were the star of the night.
Must Have. 
These hot churros served with chocolate sauce came as a good surprise... I hardly expected them to be so good and they were really very good ... crispy, perfect sweet and soft from the inside... one of the best I have had in a long time... couldn't help munching on tad too much ... now punishing myself with some extra exercise (thinking of ) 🙈 but totally worth it... Must Have 👍👍

Check out my Instagram for more feeds. 

And as the night unfolded and everyone took their time finishing this heavy Mexican fare, I indulges myself with a hot creamy Mexican hot chocolate spiced to perfection with the right notes. 
I completely enjoyed this one. 
Must try. 

On that note we were a tad too much satisfied bunch. 
Had an amazing time at Picantos over their yummy food and refreshing drinks. The quantity is huge and it is a complete VFM place. 
Definitely give it a try ... let me know how you like my favorite dishes there and let me know if you discover any other gems apart from these. 
A big shout out to Picantos and the owner for hosting us. 

Let me take you behind the scenes what say...😋

This is how bloggers dine ... in action Fat Foodie and Go Pune

With the ever charming food fanatic Jerlyn behind the counter prepping our burrito bowl.

Full house 

Pros of having awesome photographers around you. 

All in a day's work ..........  

Until we meet again..

Stay Happy!


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