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Monday, April 10, 2017

Friday BBQ nights at The Little Next Door

One small door on kalyani nagar road transfers you to a completely new world.  Walk into it and you are taken into a new experience with a unique european vibe like vacation.

This blue little door turned into yellow and I wanted to check it out to see what new.

Customary snap exploring this little next door. 

The zest, the laid back vibe, the lively pulse and  soothing ambience are still there at its best.
By now you would have guessed I am talking about none other than The Little Next Door and the charm it beholds.

I was excited to check out this place. The soul of the place remains the same but they have sure come out with new exciting stuff.
They have loads to offer in terms of their awesome deals, anti brunches, happy hours, exciting nights and Bbq.
We attended one such Bbq night which takes place every Friday. What an amazing way to begin your weekend. Unlimited Beer / Sangrias / wine with live bbq station dishing out yummy and healthy veg varieties as well as chicken, pork and the entire works.
All this for Rs 849 ++ pp.

The ambience and experience is completely alive with energy, music, banter, foosball, jhenga other board games and more.

Let me take you through our Bbq night. 
but before we begin ... I had to order this . .. and begin the night on an awesome creamy sweet note.

 Baileys +cookies + cream +chocolate syrup = Frosted Oreo ... 
second name for love at first sip.. If you are a chocolate and cream lover like me you can't have enough of this . .. Must Must Try 
I am so missing this along with the vibe of this place... they have awesome offers on alcohol that you can't miss ... Their bottle bank system is so awesome .. buy the entire alcohol bottle, store it with them sealed with your name for the next time you visit with no extra cost or carry it along with you ... isnt that superb ... and the alcohol rates are reasonable ... so the party never stops ... πŸ‘πŸ‘and the cocktails to die for ... try this with their signature nachos... What else does one want ... mid week ho ya start ... the party goes on at The Little Next Door.

So let's dive into our party for two with a Bbq spread which is just too good on your palette as well as wallet. 

Indeed a full table..
The Menu keeps changing every Friday.
Hot unlimited Bbq right at your table 

Look at this plate .... just pure smoky love πŸ˜πŸ’—
Loved the bbq veg as well as non veg.

Look at these colours of the paneer tikka.. it was yum and all the dips go superbly well with the dish served. 

This was ala carte. Had to order... 
Zucchini fritters 
Mixture of Greek kolokithokeftedes and Mumbaiyya onion bhajias. 
Shivangi from Carpe diem rightly pointing out that it's the best way for kids to have healthy green zucchini.. while my take was why kids even us adults πŸ™ˆπŸ™ŠπŸ˜πŸ˜ 
Crispy fritters with cheese and that green dip... yum .. makes you yearn for monsoons ... these fritters, beer and you are sorted.. we did that on a balmy summer night and it was equally mind blowing. 

Juicy Seekh 

Date nights be on a Bbq night πŸ˜›πŸ˜‰

Buttery corn on the cob ...

Fresh frozen Strawberry Diaquiri 
Perfect answer to Summer for those who love their cocktails the ice way with Strawberry. 

Sweet potatoes with a mayo based dip . Yummy and healthy 
Look at all these kebabs.
They are just completely droolworthy  

Chicken kebab ... 

Mushrooms ... yum 

Chicken sausages .. 
Soft and smooth ... not chewy at all and utterly delicious 
We didn't try the pork grill as we don't have pork.

Saffron Souvlaki 
One of my favourites here, we had to order this. 
Just look at the colours .. you can just eat with your eyes. 
Chicken chunks marinated in greek herbed lemony olive oil, flavoured with turmeric and saffron and served with red pepper hummus, pita bread, fries and salad. 
Such simple flavours which are bang on the taste.
Must try. 

Another ala carte 
Must have For the Aglio olio lovers... 
Prawns ravioli bathed in green chilli garlic oil, flavoured with sage and infused with champagne. 

Sweet something or should I say everything you could ask for ... sweet dunked with booze ... 
For the cheese cake lovers. 
Baked Mojito cheesecake 
Shrewsbury biscuit crust with a soft smooth cheesecake topped with berry jello.
Little sweet, little tangy with mojito flavours and softest ever. 

This hands down is my all time favourite no matter what. 
Classic star of this place. 
Presenting ......
Eight texture chocolate cake. 
It's heaven. What else it would be with old monk and hot chocolate. Every bite is indulgence, it's nirvana. 
Pure orgasmic pleasure. This chocolate can sure substitute for absolutely anything. 
Pouring the old monk on that gooey chocolate cake till it melts in the middle and becomes all the more rich. 
I am more than drooling even while just describing. 
Must Must Must Try. 

And this is exactly how I night ended on a high sweet note with this pretty mesmerising place.  
We always love this place and the offers on offer with yummy food and some mean drink.

It's just the start of the week... so build your anxiety and enthusiasm to experience the Bbq nights on Friday. 
We sure had an awesome start to our weekend. 
Check them out. I am sure you won't be disappointed. They have plenty on offer all week round.. so do check them out - relax, unwind , lose yourself into this Little Next Door (it's like magical European time or cafe) 
Let the Party Begin at this friendly economical neighbourhood bar which serves alcohol at almost store prices.. 
So what are you waiting for?
See you at 

D10, central Avenue,
Kalyani Nagar,

P.s. a big shout out to Shivangi from Carpe Diem and The Little Next Door for having us over. Always love your hospitality. 


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