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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Wedding season is here again.

Yes The Wedding season is here again, its time to deck and be merry.
Its one of the few times in the year when I remove my treasure trove of Indian finery and glam myself from head to toe, relatively (as you all know by now I am a very simple dresser, my style is simple and comfortable).
I love weddings for their sheer opulence, colour, grandeur, feelings, emotions, food.
I am more or less not a very social person and with todays busy times weddings are the occasion to socialise with the great big Indian family, long lost friends and acquaintances and doll up yourself to represent your family (sigh) but its also fun no doubt ;p.
Here's a quick peek into my looks for the wedding season this year around.

My style again here is simple, comfortable, I love flowing silhouettes, drapes, easy to wear and handle attires 😉. 

Just a collection of my looks for this wedding season.
Hope you like. 

Hope you enjoyed!! 
So put your best foot forward and glam yourself this wedding season and have lots of fun with friends and family. 

Until we meet again!! 
Stay happy and cheerful !! 

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