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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Goa Diaries- Snippets

Our Tradition of Hubby's birthday celebration in Goa continues. 
We both love Goa however his love for Goa exceeds mine any given day with him wanting to spend every birthday of his in this land of Sun, Sea and Sand. He wants to Go to Goa for every vacation 🙈. 
So atleast one trip to Goa every year is mandate and so is his Birthday celebration 💃.  
This trip was all about Sleep, Sea, Swim, Eat and Repeat. 🏊🌴🌊🌞😴🍴 We so needed some relaxation and Goa never lets you down. 
We got a slice of everything on offer - partying, lazying, napping on the beach, swimming, feasting and hydrating. 
The susegad life indeed. 
Sharing with you guys our sun kissed snippets. ❤️❤️

Enroute, we both love to take a road trip to Goa rather than a flight or train.
We just love the scenic locales and all the fun we have on our journey.🚗

Mandate pit stop and customary weird pose.

Goa it is.🌴🌴

The elephant drank away my drink ;)🤓🍹

when in Goa it is always Boho.

Love reading after swims be it by the pool or at the beach.

The sea food paradise, we can never have enough of it.🐠🐟🍤

The sea beckons........

We can sit on the beach forever.

Night dips and then long peaceful sleep.

The beauty never ceases.

slurping on ice creams is a must.🍦

Perfect nook to read.

Ending on a sweet note.

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This trip was so much fun and more.
More posts coming soon.
Hope you enjoyed.

Do let us know your thoughts.

Until we meet again.
Stay cheerful and happy.
Lots of sunshine and laughter.

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