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Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Monk who Sold his Ferrari

I love reading books on life, lessons on simple living, slow living, living fully. I myself believe in these concepts.
Life is an art and the more one hones this skill it's more beautiful. 
This book 'The Monk who sold his Ferrari' by Robin Sharma does exactly that in the most simple and direct ways.
More know about Robin Sharma and his books over here and here

The language is kept really easy and simple and the author directly comes to the point of living life to the best of our abilities. 
This book is an old Treasure box to which I just got the key to and I dived in it to lap it all. I sure not only enjoyed it but actually enriched my mind and am trying to do the same with my life. 

Nourishing my body and soul ❤️

The author tells a story which is a crafted fable by him with a few characters and the whole plot revolving mostly around the interaction of Julian Mantle (a cut throat, high profile lawyer changed into a monk by his encounter with the monks of Himalayas) and his colleague and how his entire life changed with the help of these easy principles and how he finally found happiness and enriched fulfilment.

The fable that the Author built is loosely based on his own life and teachings that he came to learn and were useful for him. 
The book is more or less fast paced. 
The teachings are written and divided into chapters. What I love most is the short synopsis of the whole chapter at the end with tools to utilise the teaching and everything the chapter tells on one page. This really helps. It's like quick revision. 
The philosophies to live a blissful life in this book are nothing new but the teaching of the past masters which are written and presented to us in simple ways using simple tools to enhance and fulfil our life further. 
Simple teachings and wisdom which was always there, present but we always overlooked.
He presents to us tools to make our life and time more effective and fruitful. 
It's a small DIY manual for life and it is really good at that.
One may not be able to use each and every tool every day, the way the author tells us. However the beauty of the book lies in moulding these teaching to suit yourself and your life. As the author says you don't have to give away your jewels and ferarris (example) you just have to mould the teaching to suit your life and make it better in the best possible manner just as a well fitting suit.
The small stories shared, examples given and especially the quotes are very inspirational and motivating. 
One really relates to this book and the need to change our lifestyle, to get ourself out of the rat race living that we call life. 
I recommend this book to be read strongly if you haven't read it as yet (like me ). 
It's worth a read and reread. Truly belongs in your library or book collection. 
It's a true gem. 

I give this one ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4stars out of 5 for its sheer brilliance. 
That one star gets lost due to the slow pace at times and the tools which are kind of a little difficult to apply everyday all together. But this is just a very small blip. 

This book is a classic. Please do read. 
You can also follow Robin Sharma on Facebook or at for his inspirational anecdotes. He is an author of 11 international bestseller. This book being his first. 

I hope this review was of some help. 

Until we meet next time. 
Stay happy and cheerful. 

Do let me know what are your views on this book through comments below. 
Also do let me know your recommendation for books in the same genre or any other, I would love to read them. 



  1. Would love to review it myself after reading so much about it from you.
    Thanks for sharing this crisp review. :)

    1. Ya you should definitely give it a read and do share your review with me I would love to know your views :)


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