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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Merry in Mulshi ..

Monsoon has started technically but still they are giving a miss to the Pune city. I love monsoons, for the sheer, romance, lazy afternoon curled up in bed watching movies. Reading a book with coffee by the window or balcony while its puring outside.The fragrant smell of the wet mud, the koyal singing, the trees all green and swaying.Missing all this and more,This weekend we decided to get out of the city and head towards the small village of Mulshi.. beautiful serene, blessed with amazing nature. gurgling streams, constant rain, pleasant weather, waving rice fields in the wind, small houses scattered across on the horizon, clouds playing in the sky and sun playing hide and seek.Aroma of pakodas, bhuttas, and chai (adrak wali, ginger tea) all served steaming hot under the small dainty shelters in the ever pounding rain. Bliss !!!!

We started for Mulshi, about 35 kms from Pune.A perfect picture painted by an artist of beautiful surrounding gurgling streams, gushing waterfalls, fluttering flowers, swaying fields, flowing river, calm lake, scattered huts is what best describes this place.

How to go- we went via the chandni chowk route.

What to do- enjoy the unspoilt nature, fields on the way, get wet in the waterfalls and streams , eat to your hearts content from the villagers carts on the way, have a picnic, take your, blankets, food and games, just watch the nature, enjoy the drive or stay over at so many options of resorts available. or enjoy the adventure sports.

Where to stay-- Lakeside Verandah, Lake residency club, Mulshi Agro Tourism, Kundalika, Camp Temgarh

Cafe Paradise a famous place in Mulshi to eat as well as to stay, we are regulars at this place because of its picturesque settings amidst nature, and amazing food, but we were greatly disappointed this time we visited. Horrible food, we had to wait for 1 hour for our order after waiting for half an hour to place the order. after one and a half hour, the butter naans were not roasted properly(kacha ), the mutton handi was sweet (like really sweet, like butter chicken) chicken tikka was cold and hard to chew, the mutton biryani was like khichadi without any salt. We paid Rs 3000 for the food which was horrible and equally horrible was the service. We felt so angry hungry and annoyed.
Anyway i recommend you to just go their for the beautiful surrounding have tea and pakoras (better much better compared to other things)enjoy the view and eat some place else.

Over all except the food we had an awesome picnic at mulshi.... so enjoyed the rains

until the Rain Gods decide to bless Pune, I pray soon,,,

What I wore ----
T- brother's
Shorts- Max
Umbrella- Deccan
Shoes- converse
Bandanna- Thrift
stole-made by granny

For a picnic, i like to be dresses comfortably but in shorts, or Bermudas, Capri, but with bright colors.

Hope you liked it, do let me know, your comments motivate me
What did you do for your weekend??



  1. Nice pictures:) The landscapes look really pretty.

    1. Thanks a lot, its especially beautiful in rains . The countryside always tends to relax calm And rejuvenate you, doesn't it.



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