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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Quarantine Eyes

If eyes could speak .. they would speak of the free expanse of the blue sky they see.
If eyes could speak
They would tell you of the depth of the blue oceans they crave in to be ..
They would tell you about the gaze that follows a bird in flight into the sunset wild.
Of a stray leaf 🍂 flying from the tree to kiss the grass beneath..
They would talk about freedom and captivity ..
They would talk about nature and pretty sights they wish to see.
The longing of a gaze in exchange of one handshake, one hug, of smiling lips which make the heart beat skip.
Of adventures to find, to leave miles behind.
They would tell you of humanity and love of community and family all above.
If eyes could speak they would say a prayer for you and me.
And still .. If they could tell, they would tell you of the grateful heart who is happy and sound. #quarantinediaries .


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