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Friday, March 13, 2020

Country Roads Take Me Home ..

Country roads take me home to the place I belong west Virginia .. 
whenever I am in the open country side that's what you will hear me humming with my tribe.
This song is etched in my heart, it tugs at all the right strings and makes me feel rooted.
The crisp air, the fresh breeze and the greenery all around. 
A cottage on the hill side with a stream gurgling, mountains in the background, trees giving shade, a pretty fence, some crops, some animals lazying around aka the first proper drawing we all used to make. How many of us got out of that picture, that first dream as a child, that perfect house, well I never did. 

Remember these 

I still do them 

Somehow, the city with its skyscrapers and busy lifestyle, with dense pollution, population and a cold attitude never really was my cup of tea. I am that country girl at heart with a big glass of lassi (churned yogurt drink or coolers, I love them too) some pakodas, bhakri desi style and if you want the English countryside we’ll throw in all the fried vegetables and chicken and I will be glad with that even. 
The nature along with the animals, flowers  make me so happy, make me want to settle down by a river aka just like my drawing style. 
There I go again painting pictures in my brain, making poetry. Oh did they tell you? Its great even for artist's brain, no wonder the poets, artists, writers and almost everyone make a beeline to be alone. 

Countryside living - the slow simple life. 
The deep purge that we need in our life.
It’s like your soul is rejuvenated and the physical benefits heaped.
A magic potion which keeps one hail and hearty forever reaped.
Like a secret lotion for beautifying the body and mind. 
Unlike the highly marketed ones these are sure shot and cost no dime 
No wonder they are so sublime. 
Yet no money equals not much demand honey,
Oh that's why they opened the big retreats.
Started with country getaways,
Which no one can beat.
Raking high moolah cause they giving you a break from your life as a treat.
All this just for some free and undiluted way of life,
Exactly that which you have lost in daily living strife. 
Oh countryside life - I salute your innings;
The magic of slow living beginnings, 
In every moment being. 
To the simplest of meanings. 
- Bhakti

Finally it’s catching up again, people are starting to understand the importance of a simple minimalistic life, less clutter more living. Less distractions more loving. Less pollution more health. 
I dream of all this and more;want a country house, simple life and so yet want the city not far away. Where once in a while I can go to the mall and enjoy the nightlife to my hearts gay. 
So am I; a fair weather country girl, scared of the insects and reptiles but enjoying the cuckoo bird in its plight. Now, that's a start we all need to make. 
Or is this the nervousness of being out of my comfort zone. Surely I want to be one of those who are friends with the ozone. 
Living every pulsating moment vs running and trying to catch up with the rat race with every movement. 
It’s a hard life which keeps your heart gentle unlike the city softies with stone cold hard hearts as their besties. 
Daily comforts will be minimal but what we need is in plenty. 
Enough to lead a happy self sustained life without the materialistic cluttter that we really don’t even want, it’s just a way of making ourself feel good for what we lack and that is plenty in the rugged countryside- character.
The quote 'it takes a village to raise a child' holds true in the countryside and that’s how the bonds that are formed stronger. 
The farm to table concept is being put to use actively by many restaurants charging a premium for their organic goods. People are even visiting the farm stays to make this in a day trip activity. Where as this is just the simple normal way of living on the country side. Grow your produce and enjoy it too;  as healthy as it gets and what u don’t have, surely your neighbour does. Thus increasing the community experience and barter system and keeping it local. Keeping it simple. Benefiting each other. 

The city folks are going after balcony gardens to bring in the nature, the zen. That’s how important nature is for the well being. 
Basking in the sun, breathing in fresh air with the plants and trees. 
It does wonder for ones health - physical and mental well being. 
The creative benefits are just some other toppings that come on this chocolate cake. No wonder writers, painters, poets make a bee line for that country living. 
There are loads of pros and cons but the pros definitely are higher for me than any cons. 
One day ... one cottage on a hill with my favorite song humming - country roads ... I am home 

Country politics 
Being on the bad side of anyone will get you into trouble 
People are nosy 
Technology not advanced 
You won’t get everything that you need 
Social life not much 

How about doing it both - living close to the City or having a weekend country home. 
Cost of living is low or then Suburban homes is the answer offering best of both the worlds.
There are even those who have given all their comforts and the highest of position for the beckoning of the country life zen.

Just thoughts of a girl on a sunny summer day missing the countryside breeze, green trees, meadows and animals at play.


p.s. check out my day in the countryside 

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