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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Sassy Spoon Pune - Sassified much - Valentines Stuff

Valentines Day is just around the corner and this place falls in the bracket of pink love and more, completely valentine stuff. I guarantee you will have a happy Valentine at the end of the meal.💖💖💖💖
So have a look with me and decide for yourself ---------------------------------
After a long time I was stumped By a place to such an extent that I am still in a sassified stupor.
Right from the ambience, service, Music and most importantly Food and drinks everything was perfect, there was literally nothing I could fault. Impeccable presentation, drooling worthy fare, beautiful ambience, warm service and completely vfm for this total package.
I am completely in Love with this place. 
Let me show you why and lessen your intrigue. I am sure By the end of this post you will be smitten and excited to visit it as soon as possible.

Brain child of  Rachel Goenka and Irfan Pabaney - owners , Sassy Spoon doesn't fail to impress on every occasion.
The food over here speaks about its tales through high quality content, presentation, clean plating, amalgamation of flavours and textures.

The Volkswagen bar though has the heart.

Charm everywhere, in every detail.

Its mystical love everywhere you look,, I am looking, liking and lusting for more.

The place boasts of colourful, and youthful vibe. I love the use of hot pink. They had my heart right there.

The property also houses a sassy patisserie in the form of Sassy Teaspoon, which is so cute, like Alice in wonderland's Tea party. It offers some delectable cakes, muffins, brownies breads , pastries and the likes and they are oh so wonderful. Can just come here for some desserts and you will surely eat till you burst and still the Dil will always mange some more.

Straight out of the Victorian era.

Pink is my colour , pink is my poison,

Here comes the drinks and food to mesmerise us further..

Spiked Very Berry Khatta 
Perfect way to bring in Valentines Day and raise a cheers... ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Best drink in a long time ... Love at first sight.

Their signature drink inspired from the Kala khatta. Fresh mulberries muddled with orange with a hint of grapes and kala khatta.
Childhood spiked with spirits... naughtiness given songs to fly ... Pink, innocent, sweet, intoxicating and irresistible ... 😉
Highly Recommended. Must have

Puerto Rican Sunrise
citrus lovers.
white rum, freshly squeezed orange and mint.
Must have.

Chicken and Barley soup.
Soothing notes and flavours, you cant stop at one spoon. Light, warm and tasty.

Sassy spoon version of the vada pav.
Potato skins loaded and topped with spicy peanut chutney.


Classic cheesy nachos ... perfect starter for drinks 

Oooohhhhhhh.... this puddle of shiny supreme fat ... butter ... not one of the BEST dishes to look at ... But I promise it was one of the BEST dishes to gorge on ... Cajun Prawns .... sitting idly in the big pool of butter... the plate was mopped clean with the bread served not once But twice on repeating the order within a minute ... beauty of its simplicity ... the spices kick and the butter envelopes .. the prawns - juicy soft and tender ... ooooooooohhhhhhh .. Must must must have ...

Coconut Prawns with Appams 
Perfect home style prawns with soft appams. They were so good. Recommended! 

Tender, juicy and succelent well done lamb in a rich brown sauce sauted potatoes and cauliflower.
It was really good stuff. 

Nothing Like I have ever had - Boneless chicken wings.

The bombil was so soft and juicy on the inside with crispy outer coating served with the mango shaving Dip, which was a bit sour and sweet. It was awesome.
Must try 


Baked Lasagne
Cheesy, comforting and juicy ecactly how a perfect lasagne should be.
Must for the veggie lovers.

Sticky Toffee Pudding ....
Date and toffee pudding with caramel sauce, vanilla ice cream and candied ginger ... Rs 240 
This was the highlight of the night.. Amaze balls is what it was won't be exaggerating.. Totally orgasmic  dessert... one bite and you cant stop neither oohing not going in for more ... top notch .. top class .. one of the BEST desserts I have eaten ever.
Must Must Must Have 

Again from Sassy Teaspoon

These babies were from Sassy Teaspoon
All of them were awesome But I loved the Cookie dough completely, we even ordeted for another one.
Must Try 

So simful, this was mindblowing, soft, goey full of flavour and Oh so nice..
Highly Recommended!
Must must try 

The Blogger table bustling with Food, talk and some more Food 😜

I loved this place and this is officially one of my favourites. Must go guys. Hope this post helps you in making the right choices and enjoying your food with gusto like I did (like a bhukkad )...

Timings-The Sassy Spoon-12 pm to 12 am
               Sassy Teaspoon-10 am to 12 am

Address- Sanskruti Lifestyle Complex, Lane No.7, Koregaon Park, Pune-411001

Phone Nos- The Sassy Spoon-+91-7666-222-111, +91-20-4129-3636
                      Sassy Teaspoon-+91-7666-222-999

Email ID for reservations-

Follow Us On:
Facebook: The Sassy Spoon, Pune
Instagram: thesassyspoon
Twitter: @The_sassyspoon

Facebook: Sassy Teaspoon
Instagram: sassyteaspoon
Twitter: @SassyTeaspoon

Do let me know what dishes you tried and how were they. Share your experience with me in the comments below and I would love to give your suggestions a try next time I visit them.

Happy Valentines Day guys!!
Spread the Love ❤


P.s I was invited for a Food tasting thanks to Carpe Diem and The Sassy Spoon however the views expressed are completely mine based on my experience alone.

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