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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Pop of colours and a Pink Rikshaw in Goa

Recently we went on a mini break to just relax and catch up on ourselves.
Where else but -- Goa !! It beats everything hands down when it comes to the lazy life, sun, sea, good food and some me time. What else does one need from life. Sorted isn't it ;p
The Goa posts about this trip have been pending but what with Diwali and then Trump and Modi Sarkar move. So finally I decided to write and rejuvenate. The post I am beginning with is a colourful one - as you must have guessed from the tittle (I really do require some colour and energy right now).
So on that note lets dive into our Goan Sojourn.
The Goa Winter mornings and sun is beautiful and when in Goa I just let my little Boho heart wander.
I play with colours like there is no tomorrow and just let myself be (as if it was a question of life and death). I do take my holidays very seriously you see. After all Life is one big holiday isn't it ? :)


As I warned you colour alert and more ahead !!
I just love my colourful drinks with or without umbrella.
Right here is a pink strawberry lemonade which I am cradling with so much love and greed ;p

Here I go swooshing my skirt in the sunlight and flaunting my colours.
There is only one dress code when on holiday (especially Goa) carefree comfort -Now I think of it actually that's my style mantra otherwise too.

& just like that the sun gave way to rains and the sky poured its heart out.

& just like that I hitched myself a pink Rikshaw ride to match my mood.
Wish I could get it back with me to Pune (may be we can have hues of pretty pink Rikshaws, then travelling in this traffic might be that much better - thoughts oh thoughts).

So this was a preview for all the colours and Goa craziness coming your way in the upcoming posts.
So stay tuned.

Outfit Details

Top - Limeroad  similar
Skirt - Nuon - better
Sandals - Bata same
Shades - Forever 21
Rings - Jabong and Pink Pvssy
Bag - Be for bag

Do let me know your thoughts.
Until next time.
Stay cheerful.

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