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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Taking the legacy ahead - Irani Cafe.

More and more legendary restaurants and old world charming cafes are putting their shutters down and biting to dust succumbing to the over growing western influence and lifestyle. The charm of these cafes is unparalleled. It's disheartening and really sad as well as frustrating to see our rich legacy, old world just disappear and become obsolete. In our city we crave for the authentic tastes of the recipes we have grown up eating which are found rarely as the demand for western joints has increased. I really feel it's a miserable state.
Amidst this feeble picture a new Irani cafe opened up in Viman nagar Pune. 

Started by a young Iraani. It's so nice to see the younger generation taking the bastion and taking our rich culture, old world heritage and original flavours ahead with us in these changing times. 
Immediately decided to visit this place as it's just a stone throw distance for me. 
The cafe is located opposite Rosary school and has already started getting flogged by patrons. It is modelled on the lines of the old cafe and does make you feel at home in that era. 
A moderate sized two levelled place. It's kept simple and antiques and Iraani touches are seen everywhere. The service is polite, prompt and good. 

Coming to the food - 
Check the colours in the tea. Brewed perfectly and mixed. 

Iraani chai is really good, has all those colours when mixed in a glass, right in taste and they will personalise it to your preference. We had two glasses each. It was definitely refreshing. 
The classic cheese omelette was put to test which passed with flying colours. 
The omelette is smaller and thinner in size. Taste wise it was great. Perfectly juicy and cheese oozed out on every bite.

Next had to be Bun Mhaska (buttered bun). The bun was soft, bouncy and so sweet, layered with butter liberally. My tastebuds couldn't have enough with the bun mhaska dipped in the Iraani chai (heaven). We also tried kheema ghotala with fresh bread slices. The kheema was well done and spicy. 

Enjoyed it thoroughly. Had a glass of shekanjabeen to wash it out. The drink is so cool, made up of cucumber and mint leaves. Tad too sweet for me. However it really cooled my stomach and had a refreshing effect. 

The bill was around ₹ 240. This was our brunch and we were stuffed completely. Pocket friendly completely.
They also have a well stocked little bakery with kharis and all the paraphernalia.

These little treats ❤️❤️

 I will give it a 4.5 rating. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫Hoping and praying for more such cafes to come up and take our legacy and rich culture ahead. Rather keep it alive. We enjoyed completely. Must visit. 
Do not compare this joint with the legendary restaurants and cafe ( they are in the league of their own and nothing can beat or compare to their charm and rustic taste) however this little gem is promising and a quick fix breakfast all day place which opens right at 6 am. 

Must visit. 

 Happy tummies makes happy us ❤️❤️😉

Do let me know about more such other gems if you know any and keep watching this place for new ones. 

Until we meet again. 
Stay happy and cheerful. 


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  1. Seems good! Shall remember to visit when in Pune :)

  2. Nice review. Will keep in mind when I am there next time..
    Thanks.. :)

    1. I love sharing good food joints, it's my pleasure :))

  3. Looks like a very nice attempt to recreate old Irani Cafe.

    1. Certainly isn't it, I really loved it and they are adding more touches with time . Can't wait back to go again


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