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Monday, May 16, 2016

Date your Spouse.

Today more and more relationships are breaking or are unhappy. Many people are losing their trust in love.
However Happy relationships are no myth.
They just require effort. The same effort which we put while wooing each other, respecting and paying more attention and giving more importance to each other when dating. Trusting each other and taking that extra effort to look pretty and feel awesome.
However once committed we think its gonna be a happily ever after smooth ride and the work is done.
Guess what - Relationships require a lot of work and effort once committed as the initial mystery, charm and spontaneity is now taken over by knowing each other too well, being at ease and taking one another for granted. The work has just began and now you are into the real deal where responsibilities, family, society, work and everything else will drain you out.
To keep the spark alive we need to keep dating each other, wooing each other and making one another feel special. Just as the initial phase never let the spontaneity die.
Don't let your relationship and yourself get monotonous and predictable.
Hubby and me guard our date nights with all our vigour and try and keep learning new things, discovering new places together, exploring and keeping it fun.
I love to make my hubby feel special and vice versa and this is just not meant for special occasion. We keep dating each other and have our quality time no matter what.
Sure life and work do take a toll at times but its all about reinventing yourself and living in the spur of the moment as we do not wait for moments to be created, we create them.
Its not hard at all if you really want it to work. Just put your heart and a little bit of effort and you will see magic rebuilt in your relationship.
Chose what's best for you, make your own rules, dance to your tunes together. 

This is On one of our date nights. 

cheers to happy dates and happy relationships.

we just love spending time together no matter what.
Its always fun when we together, never a dull moment with this one.

Outfit details
Dress - 109 F
Belt- Globus
Necklace- Pink Pvssy
clutch - Lifestyle
shoes- Limeroad

Do share your date ideas with me.

Until we meet again.

keep dating, keep loving !!
Happiness and Sunshine !!



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