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Monday, April 20, 2015

You are good,,

By now, you all know ,, how I love to do so many different small things. Good or bad my creative juices keep running all over the place and I am not the one to curb them. In fact I love them, I won't be able to be myself without them. My creative escapades, all my eccentricities and my passions, however nice or flawed  complete me. I just can't imagine myself without them. Like someone put a lid on me.

This is a sketch I made randomly and framed it. Amateur artist that I am, I know it's not perfection, rather far far from it. 

Based on this --- 


But it's special to me as its mine, my creation with feelings and I love it. Few friends came over and got the truth to my notice saying are the arms made of rubber, they even joked that I look like the grub actress and hubby dear looks retarded.(let me tell you this you will get only from the besties, who will always tell u the truth blatantly without sugar coating no matter what and that's why they are known as besties) 
However I stuck to my creation loyally, in fact very soon I am going to make their sketches. (Giggles) 
No matter what, do what you like, what makes you happy at the end of the day it's your creation and it's your masterpiece. It's special. You are good for yourself and you always will be. In any walk of life, do not let negativity get the better of you ever. Keep creating till everyone recognises your creation.

Keep creating till you satisfy yourself and beyond that.... ❤️❤️❤️



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