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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Drive in the Rain...

Monsoons are the best time for drives as the road beckons you to come experience the beauty of the nature and be enthralled.
Pune boasts of a lot of green areas and picturesque landscapes around the city which become splendid in rain. There are a number of monsoon destinations at a short distance from Pune.
One such weekend we traversed Mulshi whilst it was raining, we took an impromptu drive, as the climate was perfect and ideal for a beautiful journey.
Monsoon drives make everything all the more gorgeous and enticing.The road leading to Mulshi itself is gorgeous and beautiful however I was in for a shock as all I could lay eyes on for a greater part of our road trip was constructions, unplanned development , ugly structures and bungalow schemes. I was really heart broken seeing the nature rapidly being eroded, destroyed mercilessly. Finally after what seemed like ages, farms started creeping in slowly and got a sudden joy, happiness and surprisingly a drastic change in the climate.
Mulshi being a rice growing small village is all busy in rainy season, it has the mulshi lake and thus the road is dotted with small rivuklets ,waterfalls, streams which finally joins it. Everywhere I laid my eyes I found beautiful rice farms and men and women working in their make shift rsincoats (ghongdis).
The mist looms magical tales around the mountains. Its like we are straight into a fairytale book. The road was so beautiful filled with amazing sights, eyes could hardly behold.

Have a look for yourself - 

We started late afternoon with a light snacks, some packed sandwiches, fruits and water (I always prefer to carry my own water bottle from home especially in rains.).

Mulshi is hardly an hour and a half from Pune and a sleepy paddy village with Tata lake and picturesque setting. The views are really mesmerizing and one cant help but get drawn to them. We couldn't get enough and continued on the Tamhini Ghat road which is renowned for the beautiful gurgling waterfalls dotting its landscape (the roads leading towards Tamhini is not that great and very patchy). Mulshi has its own share of waterfalls and rivulets everywhere you lay your eyes.

A Hamlet just out of a fairytale.

I was a little girl all over again, playing in every stream, waterfall and rivulet I could manage to get in.


Here goes my favorite pink umbrella. 

Should I laugh or should I cry :)(

Such awesome weather does wonders to the appetite.

A perfect drive. A perfect weekend. 

This drive really got a smile to my face and a sparkle back in my eyes.

Mulshi remains one of my favorite monsoon weekend getaway.

One can just go for a drive and enjoy the sights, have hot tea and snacks at the small humble eateries or have a day trip carry your lunch and have a picnic spread finding a good spot or one can even visit a resort and spend time. I am up for all options.

What do you like? Let us know..

What I wore-

Shorts and capris remain my monsoon favourite however it was too cold for either of them.

Denims- Levis
Cardigan- Splash
print Singlet- Ginger
Footwear- Goa Market
Umbrella- Mahabaleshwar market

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