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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Good byes !!

There are so many type of Goodbyes. The casual ones, the relationship hard hitters, saying good byes to family before going out or for a vacation or bidding good bye to a destination or the long care free days. So many ways in which one can bid farewell whether be it a happy one or in difficult sad times but they all come with a heavy heart. They mean to part and parting has never been easy. 

On one such journey, a destination close to heart, saying good bye on the last day. 
Last day of our Goa vacation which was full of fond memories and cherished moments. For me bidding good bye to even a destination is always difficult. I frown and become grumpy with a sad puppy face. Well I have promised myself not to miss those last moments by being all difficult and living the vacation till it last( one can always try ;p). 
On any beach destination, I have to bid adieu by dipping my feet a wee bit one last time in the sea. It's like me offering my gratitude for this wonderful experience and one last moment to click it forever in my memory. 
  Me bidding Good Bye to Goa ,... 

The tradition continues .. 

My travel outfit - hassle free and comfortable for a road trip back home with a tinge of cute quirk;p

Tracks- Bangkok 
T-Shirt - quirky - fashion street 

But keep a happy face as we part to meet again to make new memories, isn't it ? 

Good bye friends until we meet again!! 

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