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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A dose on Cafe Xtra dose

I happened to spot a small cozy place thriving with activity on an already ever busy kothrud which has loads of cafes sharing space. Me being me, love to explore new places and entered this one . Oh boy! Was I surprised ...  A small but pleasant place?walls covered with beautiful painting adding to the charm and coziness. The entrance is lines up with bamboos and a comfortable seating over looking the busy road. We sat ourselves outside after I finished having a look at the entire property.  It was raining and I loved sitting outside enjoying the rain as well as the crowd passing by from the distance. I was all ready to order.

The menu card was the best kept secret. Do not expect lavish things and preparations at this place. This place served simple but really tasty snacks and they are loads of options to chose from and the best is yet to come. The prices are so economical and pocket friendly that it is a boon for all young people on a budget as well anyone who wants to enjoy some time lazying around, having a nice meal and time which is light on the wallet too. 
We started with the cold coffee- the coffee served was really nice with chocolate sprinkles as well as a chocolate stick adorning it. Just made my day looking at it. Not too thick, neither too watery it was a perfect blend of sugar, coffee and milk for me. Whilst we enjoyed our coffee looking at the rain, hunger pangs built in and we ordered for some more and then agin some more;p

This was so simple yet so tasty and addictive - lays with Salsa , they also serve Nacho chips with Salsa 

Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich 
Huge chunks of chicken, nicely cooked, well marinated and juicy wrapped in lettuce and grilled to perfection, served along with chips. A wholesome yummy meal. I loved the sandwich. I really liked the simplicity in everything, wether it be the presentation, food, cafe and the overly economical rates. Must visit. 

Cafe Xtra Dose 

Shop 10, Near Bedekar Ganpati, Paud Road,Kothrud, Pune


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