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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Offbeat Goan Food

I love to walk the path uncommon, to explore the unexplored, and to do things which are not well known... 

I love to do and experience new things. Though Goa remains a constant every year however my quest to discover the Goa which is untouched and still innocent and pure carries on. I love to see places in their natural beauty and true roots. 

This Goa trip was nothing new, the urge to explore something new, got us to the quaint side of Goa, where few tread and that's what I like. 
Places and food which still has its authenticity and simplicity, For me that's pure beauty.
Exploring the small and homely eateries and bakeries and losing myself in the overly tasty and yet simple Goanese cuisine just kept me craving for more. 
Goan food is not only Vindaloo, Xacuti, Goan curry, Bebinca but so many other things and mouthwatering dishes still to be relished. 
Have a look yourself, a small glimpse in the treasure trove of Goan Food. 

Rassa omelette 

A simple yet hearty breakfast- Egg omelette topped with a curry made of coconut and local spices. Creamy, spicy and a coarse taste along with a fluffy omelette garnished with a generous helping of onions and a good squeeze of a juicy lemon relished with Goan buns. 



Usal pav 

A gravy made of white chic peas, the base is water and just simple spices. The consistency it gets is entirely from the peas savored again with Pav or sweet Goan buns. 

Banana fritters

Mixture of mashed Banana in flour, deep fried. What you can expect is a thick puri kinds. Break it and you will get a nice soft, smooth, mushy texture. Lovely and dissolving in the mouth. They are creamy, mildly sweet. So good. Taste superb with tea. 

Do try the local delicacies like these which are available at small joints and homely eateries. The taste and the goodness of the food makes up for the ambience. The true essence of the place indeed.

Share any such local goodies you love on your travels with us and get featured on the blog. 

Happy Travelling and relishing food!! :) 


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